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If you already know the single most important answer, this is the second most important answer

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"Accumulating evidence suggests that psilocybin with accompanying psychological support can be used safely to treat a range of psychiatric conditions1, including: end-of-life anxiety and depression3,4,5, alcohol and tobacco addiction6,7, obsessive compulsive disorder8, and most recently from our group, treatment-resistant major depression9. Findings from healthy volunteer studies10 and trials with other psychedelics11,12,13 supplement those from clinical studies showing that these drugs can have a rapid and lasting positive impact on mental health, often after just one or two doses." 


"Quality pre and post treatment fMRI data were collected from 16 of 19 patients. Decreased depressive symptoms were observed in all 19 patients at 1-week post-treatment and 47% met criteria for response at 5 weeks."


"The present study focused on changes in brain function before versus after psilocybin in patients with treatment-resistant depression who received two doses of the drug (10 mg followed by 25 mg, one-week apart) as part of an open-label clinical trial. Arterial spin labelling (ASL) and blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) resting state functional connectivity (RSFC), were used to measure changes in cerebral blood flow (CBF) and functional connectivity before (baseline) and one-day after treatment with psilocybin (i.e. one day after the 25 mg dose). It has been suggested that the days subsequent to a psychedelic experience constitute a distinct phase, referred to as the ‘after-glow’, that is characterised by mood improvements and stress relief24."


The bottom line, " very strong P. cubensis may contain 30 mg psilocybin in 2.5 grams

 and weak mushrooms may only contain 30 mg in 8 grams. To get the same affects as was had in this trial one could err on the side of caution and have 4-6 grams of mushrooms spaced one week apart. As positive effects were seen to last for 5 weeks in close to 50% of participants one might even hypothesize that taking 4-6 grams bi-weekly for many and once a week for severe depression might be enough to stave off depression. Saving a lot of money in prescription medications provided one could wean off of them safely... i.e. slowly and with the help of ones therapist. In theory, it sounds like a much easier and happier place to be could be had very easy by anyone who had access to this medicine on a regular basis. 


Can you imagine a world in which many people with treatment resistant depression were able to find relief with this simple therapy? 


“In depression, people get hooked into ruminative states in which they can’t stop thinking the thoughts underlying their depression, even if they want to,” Dr Nutt told Medscape Medical News.

“During exposure to psilocybin, the brain is in a different, more fluid state, where it is not possible to continue having their traditional negative thinking patterns, and in the majority, the brain resets into a nondepressive mode,” he said." https://www.medscape...warticle/887384

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