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I've had many experiences but only two sort of times where it truly felt as if there was something there with me in reality not just my soul communicating through my dreamscape but actually there with me real enough to touch  , not extremely meaningful or spiritual but interesting none the less 

Had entity contact a few years ago with a glowing orange and green feminine form wearing some sort of headband type thing after yopo she grasped my hand and led me from the room I was in but as I reached the doorway she turned and told me to open my eyes twice in a row quite forcefully so I complied , opened them and I was face down on the floor having apparently rolled face first off the chair instead of moving about , another time I was having a mild mesc experience with no real visual distortion heard a low whistle looked up and a blue purple lanky long limbed what I can best descrive as an amorphous half man half jellyfish type thing ducked and pulled its way through the doorway into my bedroom beckoned me with one of its long limbs and proceeded to phase through the door to my wardrobe open it to have a look and notice some jars I had inoculated a few days before had big spots of mycellial growth I hadn't noticed till that point, interesting to note is it was the only real visual effect at all before during and after contact  . I've popped past this thread a few times thought I'd just drop my input

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I have had what I would consider entity experiences but none through entheogens (have yet to have tried them). All of my experiences have been through a still unconfirmed phenomena called an out of body experiences. My most memorable experience happened a year ago and it involved this giant purple twilight tree with bright purple crystals hanging off its branches. It was so surreal.

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