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Phenotypes change depending on stock

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I know many of you have noticed that a stock cacti can alter the phenotype of a cacti scion. To that end, I would like to start a thread for anyone who has grown a specimen on multiple types of stock or even on a stock and then on its own roots to showcase how the stock can change the phenotype of a scion. I've also noticed that growing a specimen on the same species, but different cultivar can alter the phenotype of a scion.


I will start this off with this specimen. Please share your results as well if you wish. If sufficient interest is shown I may show more pictures as well.LimeAide83.thumb.jpg.5125d4aa8f967df1ae4fc63250fbf129.jpgLimeAide482.thumb.jpg.de7092e770e5354ce7394f2236325be8.jpg Both are the same cultivar, but grown on different types of stock.





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