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Which coir brick to use?

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Hey everyone. i'm about ready to start my first grow but I just need to sort out a few last ingredients.. I'v read on here that the coir from bunnings isn't the best and that's really all I can find locally so I thought id order online instead. Iv found a few of listings on ebay and was just wondering which brand should I go for? or does anyone have any other recommendations? would be much appreciated thanks!











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Most of it is marketing hype from people selling "premium" coir.


They'll tell you it's high in salt and detrimental to plants because of the salt but the salt is in such low concentrations it's almost irrelevant for most plants. It's nothing a good flush with fresh water won't fix.


The real problem is the way raw coir can lock up nutrients and make them unavailable, which is an issue in hydro systems running pure coir as a growing medium. Mixed in a potting mix at less than 30% it's a non issue.


The premium coir is normally partially composted, PH buffered and inoculated with various mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria to mediate the nutrient lockup issues. It's nothing a bit of dolomite or lime and few months in a compost pile won't do at home.


So for growing mushrooms the premium stuff is not really ideal, just buy the cheap stuff from bunnings (sans fertiliser) and give it a flush. If you want to kick it up a gear find some horse shit that is old and well rotted and mix that in at anywhere up to 50% but it will have to be pasteurised before you use it.

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I also heard that Bunnings coir is shit (on this forum) and may be heavy with trich spores. Someone recommended this brand in another thread - https://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/ecotech-jungle-coco-peat-650gm-9l-fico01-p-17305 - I'm also on my first grow - going to spawn to that and verm tomorrow and see how I go :) I'll try some other brands of coir eventually because they are cheaper at Bunnings, but don't want to take a risk on my first tub just to save 5 bucks. 

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What brand is everyone using now? I was using the jungle coco coir and it was working great but it seems to be sold out everywhere? im guessing its been discontinued?

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I'm trying Natura brand coir; fine and coarse. Say's it's PH balanced and ready to use. My germination rate sky rocketed.

I used sphagnum peat for 110 Peruvian torch seeds, 19 germinated out of the lot and took 2 weeks to show signs of anything.

After 60 days, they have spikes on them but still show they're sprout pedals. The way she goes some times.

But as I was saying; used fine coir hydrated with 1/4 strength nutrients on my second batch and had signs of life on day 3.

These were more torch and some Santaensis. I swear I have more little seedlings than I planted. j/k 

Works great. Real game changer.

"Cactus Love Coir."

Below are two pictures of day 4 and 2 pictures of day ten and 1 picture on day 16.:lol:











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