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Seedling packs

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2 Trichocereus Seedling packs for sale.
Seedlings are hardened off, growing in full morning sun, outside all winter. All seedlings will come in their own labelled package.
Each pack will contain at least the following:

1 x Tpm x Ss02
1 x Rosei 1 x Super Pedro
2 x Macrogonus Fields x Rosei 2
1 x Ss02 x Ss01
1 x Fields Pach x Br. Tig
1 x Pach x (Scopulicola x Bridgesii)
1 x Psycho0 x Fields Pach
1 x Pach x Ss02
4 x Chalaensis x Pach
2 x Len Op Secret Garden 2015
1 x Pach Fields x Peru John
1 x Peru Rio Lurin
1 x Bridgesii x Pach
1 x Rosei 2 x Fields pach
1 x Psycho0 x Sausage
1 x Yowie x (Scopulicola x Bridgesii)
1 x Peru John x Super Pedro
1 x Lumberjack x Juuls Giant 
1 x Big Bertha x (Ss02 x Ss01)
2 x Ss02 x Peru Serra Blue
1 x Pach x Tpm

Each pack is $100 plus postage.

Weeds are an optional extra 1f609.png;)
Will add more pics once I have unpotted everythiing.


Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor, nature and food

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