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Tasmanian trichocereus collectors?

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On 23/09/2018 at 4:05 PM, Humbolt said:

Another from the Tassie deep south. My fledgling collection is just starting to pick up.  Cuts are swelling (maybe water next month) rooted seedlings are putting on a little growth.  I have them in a pickers shed that gets good sun and warmth but definately keen for a greenhouse one day.  Take away containers came out of the prop tent today.  


Amazing pic Peyofox im inspired to get some in the ground but am uncertain about too much rain and screaming frosts.  Does the fence provide the necessary warmth and protection?


Philo and Caster, Ive got about 10 or so little peres from some single node propagating a few weeks ago.  Happy to send a piece your way when the time comes so you can do the same.  



Gday Humbolt, cheers mate i appreciate the offer. Great pic Peyefox :)

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Hey everyone, looking at relocating far south in a couple of months. Another enthusiast here that would love to touch base with anyone interested and do some trades and meet up!

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Hi Shadowcreature, can help out with cacti in the far south.  Be sure to get in touch when you get down.  

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