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mixed bag of genetics


Hey guys! Rainy weather in SE QLD at the moment so thought id ask your opinions on some of my plants. I recently bought a mixed grouping of Trichocereus that came from the friend of an unknown breeder. I was told that most of them were super pedro x psycho0 but there is clearly more going on here and I thought these are good examples of weird unknown hybrids. These unknown hybrids seem to be increasingly common in Australia due to inexperienced or misleading breeders crossing whatever has flowered in their garden and helps confuse those new to cacti. Would love any opinions on these weirdos :)


#1 is the only one that looks like a possible psycho0 x super pedro to me. The original column is very fat and the new growth with wacky yellow spines looks very psycho0 to me. (pics 1-4)

#2 looks like it has some cuzco in it, what with the splayed bone white spines on older growth and maybe bridgesii in the mix. (pics 5-8)

#3 has the "cordobensis" look to me which I know is a defunct name but apart from super pedro I dont know what to call this fat bastard. (pics 9-12)

#4 looks like a pc pach x with cuzco...or perhaps a short spine peruvianus? Yellow short spines when immature, whitening and lengthening with age and fast growing.(pics 13-15)

If anyone wants to see more theres plenty more i need identified haha

sorry in advance for the poor lighting




Bolivian Torch 1.jpg

Bolivian Torch 1 (1).jpg

Bolivian Torch 1 (2).jpg

Bolivian Torch 1 (3).jpg

Bolivian Torch 2 (1).jpg

Bolivian Torch 2 (2).jpg

Bolivian Torch 2 (3).jpg

Bolivian Torch 2 (4).jpg

Pedro 2 (1).jpg

Pedro 2 (2).jpg

Pedro 2 (3).jpg

Pedro 2.jpg

Pedro 3 (1).jpg

Pedro 3 (2).jpg

Pedro 3 (3).jpg
















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it's really impossible to tell unless you know for sure, in which case you don't need to tell, because you know for sure.


i have x'd psycho0 with pc, and it threw out plants that looked similar to all of these. if you were told that most of them are super ped x psycho0 that's the most you will ever know and this cross could certainly account for all of the variations in those plants pictured.


they're still nice tho.

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