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Tricho cuts for sale (Scop X Tig, HB01, Psycho0, Macro, Bruce X PC)

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I have some tricho cutting for sale. PM me if you would like to grab any.


Buyer pays postage on top.


Payment to be made via Paypal (via friends/family option) or bank transfer.


Scopulicola X bridgesii "Tig"
Very FAT, definitely scop sized cuttings!
97cm tip - $90
87cm tip - $80

59cce51a3d94d_P9267720ScopXTig(Copy)smut.thumb.JPG.edb00c047deb8406141096edf51caf89.JPG  59cce523cd129_P9267718ScopXTig(Copy)smut.thumb.jpg.6c41a6cf8c8db1125574531bb032e267.jpg   59cce52b3c93c_P9267719ScopXTig(Copy)smut.thumb.jpg.dffe5b00e0f0fdbb9c2d951c10f435c1.jpg


mid - 26cm - $21



tip - 61cm - $45



Bruce X PC pachanoi - this plant is very sexy, looks like Psycho0's long lost sister to me. (tip pic included for reference)

(unfortunately this plant fell over in bad weather as I didn't have it planted well, but there are only very minimal blemishes on these mid cuts)

mid cut 31cm




Tip shot of same Bruce X PC plant



37cm tip - $30
30cm mid - $23
30cm mid - $23

59b9ea8e6f35b_P9117409MacroRD37tip2x30mids(Copy)smut.thumb.jpg.d47b0350e7a85377d7ac1c395d78408a.jpg   The plant it came from 59b9ea9be94a6_P9117403MacroRDtips(Copy)smut.thumb.jpg.a168d82ff1f9574fd2bdcb2462b0337d.jpg


Macro (different to other one)
tip 42cm - $32



Edited by zed240
updated cuts
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Man o man what great cactus you have! That kai and Bruce x pc is something to look at!!!

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Nice cuts, I might grab one of those Bruce X PC pachanoi mids while they're hot :) -PM'd

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Bump - have updated the post with what's available now.

Cuts have now calloused enough to plant so will be ready to go the second they arrive to you.

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