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The Corroboree

EGA, Eildon - info on pubs/supermarkets etc close to the conference greatly appreciated.

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Hopefully the title of my post is self explanatory.  

I'm going to be hard pressed to just make the 7kg carry-on limit (I bought extra allowance just in case, never been able to 'pack light') let alone bringing food and such to EGA.  

I'd be really grateful to hear from anyone that is familiar with the area (EGA people I'm sure can help.)  A fellow SAB buddie mentioned buses from the conference site into Eildon?  That would be great!  I know it's just a three (four) day conference but I have never managed the art of ''packing light'' - what if I wanted those shoes to match those jeans?  Hahahaha, silly me dumbass girlie shit.  Yes, I've had a 'few' glasses of wine, I was so tremendously overwhelmed earlier this afternoon I couldn't settle myself the fuck down.

And I'll probably see this post tomorrow and cringe hard - hoping fellow SAB'ers can relate.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday night!  :wub:

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Hey Gem, EGA will have some more info on this soon. We have got the first version of the FAQ that should help with some questions - http://www.entheogenesis.org/faq


I try to get someone on the team to get some more info together around this point.  For those looking to keep thing simple, there is also the 'Feed me Meal Package' that amazing value and keep your EGA simple, see the ticketing page for more info on that.


'what if I wanted those shoes to match those jeans' - hahaha style is a good characteristic to have at EGA.


FYI, there will also be 4 food stalls and at least 2 coffee shops on the main EGA site for people. 



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I just read the entire FAQ on the EGA site.  That's really well-put together with loads of information.

Thanks @RonnySimulacrum

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