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The Corroboree

Acacia floribunda seeds

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I'm testing Acacia floribundas collected from a variety of localities for general hardiness in my SE USA area. 


If you have even a small amount of seed to share, I'd be grateful. 


Interested in obtusifolia and any other potentially cold tolerant Acacias too. 

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(Haven't heard from anyone yet, so if you happen upon this post in the following months, please feel free to get in touch -  I'll likely still be looking.)


...Or if anyone could link me to relevant seed suppliers?  I'm going on the assumption that seed from plants growing in the coldest parts of their range will be more likely to do well when grown in temperate America.


Northern Tablelands, Alps, etc?


I've sourced floribunda seed from NZ's South Island and Tas. 



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