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Millennials’ Sobriety Isn’t What It Seems

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They’re avoiding many of the substances that got earlier generations high. But are they better off?


Yesterday’s line: “Don’t do drugs, kids.”
Today’s line: “Kids don’t do drugs.”


A variety of publications have patted Millennials on the back with praising headlines, from The Economist’s “Millennials are less keen than previous generations on illicit drugs” to The Guardian’s “Sober is the new drunk: why millennials are ditching bar crawls for juice crawls,” and Now Magazine’s “These millennials are ditching booze to go sober — here’s why.”


The narrative: Millennials (typically defined as those born between 1983 and 2002) are less keen to get hammered, high, or horizontal compared to previous generations. Disillusioned with the hippies in the ’70s who went crazy (or at the very least got lazy and boring) from psychedelics, punks in the ’80s who overdosed on heroin, and ravers in the ’90s prematurely withered from speed and MDMA, these days, teens and 20-somethings have opted to take things down a notch.


It’s a nice idea: Today’s youth will not repeat the mistakes of their progenitors. Nobody likes seeing their friends die young from liver disease or lung cancer or lost to the hinterlands of the mind. I myself have lost a few. 


But is it true? Are teens and 20-somethings really taking it easy or going sober? And if they truly are taking it easy on the chemicals, could it be for reasons that are actually unhealthy?


Entire article - “Millennials’ Sobriety Isn’t What It Seems” https://medium.com/neodotlife/millennials-and-drugs-23aa24b8fb1d

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As I read that article I was nodding along, as it agrees with a lot of thoughts I have had about "kids these days" and how technology is affecting their brains and our society.


And then I started wondering if I was using technology to create my own little filter bubble of people who reflect my own opinions back at me, and confirmation-biasing those to boot.


And then I started wondering why I even knew terms like that...


...and decided it was time to go play outside.


...(and maybe buy some drugs)



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Yeah you know there's nothing wrong with a little bit of sobriety every now and again. But I wouldn't take it to excess...

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