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Martin seed FS - Kiwi Trichocereus Cross

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Hello everyone


I have some Martin x seed for sale
They are from another member's plant, I will let them name themselves if they choose.

"Martin" AKA Coromandel Cacti's T. peruvianus is an exceptional glaucous blue peru.
This is probably my favourite clone out of everything I have seen growing in NZ.
Originally grown from Knize seed sold as Sulcorebutia.

The cross is presumed to be Martin x scopulicola  but there was also pachanoi flowering in the garden. (grower 90% sure it was the scop that pollinated)
As far as I know this is the first cross with Martin genetics to have been made available to the community
Please do let me know if you have heard of other Martin crosses.

I am asking $5/AUD postage included (Pacific) per portion of seeds (40-50)
As always please check your local laws when ordering plants or seeds from overseas.

Will be doing a giveaway further down the track.
Going to try and get funding first this way for postage.



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still available i am interested am in tasmania

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