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The Corroboree


Hi all. New to the Yarra V area and fascinated with all the amazing fungi popping up around my property and another I caretake.

If anyone can help me with IDs for some of these pictured and whether they are edible or psychoactive/toxic (and binned immediately!) I'd be most grateful.

Thanks! Have a great weekend.












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You'll probably get a better answer from someone, but in case not, (1) Coprinellus of some sort (micaceus?) and (2) might be Lactarius deliciosus - both edible. I don't have much mycology knowledge though, and I'm not 100% about IDing from photos even for species I'm familiar with, so please get confirmation before eating them. But it might give you some idea where to start looking. Also, I can't remember what 9&10 are called, but you can rest assured that they are not psychoactive. Welcome to the forum!

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1. Coprinellus sect. Micacei

2. Lactarius deliciosus

3. 4. Gymnopilus 

5. 6. (Assuming 6 is the underside of 5.) Armillaria sp.

7. 8. Gymnopilus (Probably Gymnopilus junionus)

9. 10. Collybia

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