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Dennis McKenna on Joe Rogan Experience podcast

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not sure if any one watches Joe Rogan's podcast but Dennis McKenna was on today so thought id share!

Hes got some other pretty decent podcast with other cool people aswell:rolleyes:



Joe Rogan Experience #946 - Dennis McKenna



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Epic man good find. I'm going to check it out later tonight.

I've just nearly finished this book "True Hallucinations" where Terrence, Dennis & a crew of homies go into the amazon in hunt of aya,
but get side tracked on the cubensis, lol. Dennis is overcome temporarily by Schizophrenic behavior/ideation. Pretty epic adventures they had, lol.

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Hey that podcast was unreal, got many good book names out of it. Dennis is fascinating. That anja light trip sounds bizarre man, how some bloke figured out you can stimulate DMT production invitro with LED lights to the point of psychedelic experience, very very interesting. Dennis can't afford to buy one for home, so Rogan is going to buy them both one lololol. Madness!

Also, that kid (artist) with cancer of the pineal gland whos producing ridiculous psychadelic artwork as a result. Reallly really fkn coool!

Awesome find @jwerta thanks for that one mate!

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