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Brugmansia sanguinea, help!

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Hey gang, 

I've got a few different types of brugmansias and mostly they love my climate and location. Aureas and crosses thrive here in Sydney. 

Brugmansia sanguinea seems to be the exception. I have a red flowering type and a yellow. Both are in the ground in different spots with different aspects. They just aren't doing well.

I'll post up some photos later, it's too dark now.

Essentially, their growth rate is poor, caterpillars eat them exclusively at the expense of much juicier plants, and I'm wondering if anyone in my climate (sydney, oz) has grown them successfully. If so, I could use some assistance.

During summer they seem to really suffer.

Do they do better in full shade? Mine get morning to midday sun, then shade in the afternoon. They are in beds with good soil and get plenty of water.

Do they respond well to pruning like other brugs? 

In two years of growing them none of them have flowered for me.



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Would dipel or something like neem be a better choice for keeping caterpillars off them? I've tried a few sprays with imidacloprid but I really don't want to use that stuff in my garden.

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