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Seedling/Plant Sale/Validus auction

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Hey Guys n Gals

Due to continuing health concerns I have decided to do some downsizing. So in that aim I will be putting some seedling packs up for sale. Monstrose/Crests inc.
But if anybody feels like coming to visit and getting some plants at great prices send me a pm :) I'm southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. 
Couple of pics for examples, will be updating this post with more packs and possibly cuts.




Pack A. Sold Out. Some crosses still available. Minimum order 5 seedlings. $1cm. Can get individual pictures if wanted.

• Pachanoi x TPM (Not currently monstrose)
• Psycho0 x Yowie
• (SS02 x SS01) x Scopulicola
• Big Bertha x (SS02 x SS01)
• Lumberjack x Juuls Giant
• Lumberjack x Huarazensis
• Superpedro x Psycho0
• Juuls Giant x (SS02 x SS01)

Freak Packs. 3 Available.


From left to right:

1) TPM x SS02
2) TPM x T. Pach
3) T. Pach x TPM

4) TPM x T. Pach
5) T. Pach x TPM

$120 Plus P&H 


Direct deposit or Paypal accepted.


Cuts are 80c cm. $10 a tbm segment. Few pics of things people might be interested in.

WP_20161223_18_31_00_Rich[1].jpg Sausage


WP_20161223_18_29_49_Rich[1].jpgBridgesii Longispinus (Fields)

WP_20161223_18_29_10_Rich[1].jpgSeedgrown from Rosei2 OP seed at fields.

WP_20161223_18_28_58_Rich[1].jpgSS01 X SS02

WP_20161223_18_28_01_Rich[1].jpgBridge x Pach


WP_20161223_18_27_44_Rich[1].jpgSeedgrown from Rosei2 OP seed at fields.















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WOW Visceral!! Thank you so incredibly much for the pack and tbm segment. I was not expected so many!! There is so many i ran out of pots, off to bunnings today mate haha! No but seriously, thanks for your generosity. These little guys are beautiful, and I'm already in love with the crests. Awesome man, just straight up awesome. So happy.

Minmin :)

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Hey bud , got any of these packs left ? 


Pm sent.

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So i've been asked whether I would sell this little guy a few times now. I was going to watch him grow for another season, but with my dog's surgery being so expensive I need to raise some funds. So i've decided to put him up for auction, whole plant or cutting, winner decides.
This guy flowered and fruited for me last season after I got him from Fields, has started a flower fluff for this season too, but it hasn't progressed yet. He is also root bound.

Winning bid doesn't inc postage, cannot send to WA, NT Or Tas. Give this a week I think, so bidding ends, midnight 31 Jan.





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Lets not fuck around here!! $80 and dont get any ideas off the dood, id be taking the plant!! ;-)

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Who wants to join forces with me, win this plant and let him keep it? And while we're at is piss DB off... hehehe jks $80 fk I'm out! DB deserves it and vis deserves a good price to help his dog... nice one

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$100.00 and the seedlings are doing fine, Thanks Visceral420

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