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The Corroboree

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here is a list of what I got :


Scopulicola(FR911) x Pachanoi “Lima” Pachanoi (KD)

“Juuls´s Giant” x “Huancabamba” F2

(“S02” x  “Juuls Giant”) x (Bridgesii “Psycho0” x Pachanoi)

(“Psycho0” x Pachanoi) x Peruvianus “Barracuda”

(“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x (“Psycho” x Pachanoi)

(“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x Short Spine Peruvianus

(“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) xPachanoi “Colombo”

(“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x Peruvianus “Barracuda”

(“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x Bridgesii “Playa Bonita” (KD)

Bridgesii “3392” x Short Spine Peruvianus “Mystic”

Short Spine Peruvianus “Mystic” x Bridgesii “3392”

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