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Mites? Help diagnosing and treating.

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Hi all - thanks for taking the time to look at this post. Hopefully you guys can help me find a solution for the issue I am having with a number of my ornamental plants. 


Essentially I think I have two types of problems going on with my cacti. 1# Scale bugs and #2 - Mites. Please see attached images. (Thousand words). 


#1 Scale




#2 Mites??



(Patient Zero?)








As you can see, it's a cactastrophy.


I have left it for a few years, hoping that the problem would go away - but now it has shifted into the next gear and I'm worried that I might lose my entire collection. 


These plants have never been treated with any form of insecticide, and I hesitated to do that for obvious reasons, but now I'm prepared to pull out the big guns if need be, use systemics etc, and even cull / sell infected stock to any interested buyers. 


These guys have been a part of my life, and I feel like I have let them down. If possible I would really like to rescue this collection and keep the genetics for the long haul. 


Help please!


Kind regards,











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crammed into a corner with virtually no air circulation, what would you expect?


plants exposed to the full brunt of momma nature (full sun, wind, hail, rain, etc) have far far fewer issues


blastem with the garden hose/spray nozzle several times a week, convince the critters to move on to more hospitable conditions....

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