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P&O to PNG.

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Ex wife rings up - went on 10 day  cruise with husband. Docked twice and anchored 4 times with tender trips to land. Food not great. Friend's husband had sore on leg, got splashed on tender trip, bad infection, insurance to pay doctor on board, transferred to hospital at Brisbane, half trip wasted. I though the waters around there would be clean. Maybe BHP has a big dirty mine nearby.

Went to island, whole village stoned on betel nut. Man in full costume walks towards them with hatchet, thinks she will be killed (nervous disposition); he was probably paid by P&O. She got very upset about starving dogs everywhere. Kid throws dog a piece of coconut shell with scrap of food in it, dog desperately scrapes it out.  Another island, too rough to go ashore. Dock at Port Moresby, friend's husband dragged by two men behind wall, rescued by following crewmembers.

In the afternoon, captain orders no more to go ashore, policeman shot. Uni students must still be trying to run corrupt PM out of town.

I read once that Oz gives them 4 billion per year to run the place, just read that it is half a billion. Must check with our PM.

I thought about going  to the highlands metal-detecting for gold, but just read horror story about it in fossicking forum. Those guys up there trade gold for Kalashnikovs, I suppose to settle tribal disputes, so chickened out. I read that the Russian-made ones are the best quality. 

Dad took my family to Melbourne in 1963 I think and we came back on the P&O Himalaya. Apart from school, never been away from parents. Had to eat separately from adults, had a panic attack, hated ship ever since.  It was like a  Dickensian Nightmare. (How did this sloping script come up?). Glad to see it towed to Taiwan or somewhere to be scrapped.

Found a forum last year, 'Reminiscences of the P&O'. Had my say, said that I hoped the whole crew burned in hell; some grub deleted it 2 days later. Donna won't be reminiscing!.


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Bizzare experience indeed. It's getting a bit crazy up there lately with the f'd up politics. I was told not to go there in election season, -too dangerous. 


I've had wonderful times in PNG and almost died too. I wouldn't recommend it for the average holliday goer. I definitely wouldn't take a female companion for fear of rape. Shit gets real in some of these exotic places.


Try Tonga or Fiji, much safer and cleaner :)

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