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cactus seeds

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Hi intrested in buying cactus seeds anything but trichos perhaps succulent seeds aswell keen to see whats available cheers josh

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Hey mate, I´ll post my seed list just in case. :-D Always open for trades but also happy to sell. A normal 30s bag is 3.00 Euro and a 100s is 8.50 Euro. I am shipping from Germany, so there are a handful species that cant be shipped to Australia (the Opuntia because it´s invasive) but most of them are permitted and will be correctly labeled.


Trichocereus bridgesii La Paz, Bolivia
Trichocereus bridgesii Rio Abacho, Bolivia
Trichocereus peruvianus Villa Abecia, Peru
Trichocereus peruvianus Cieneguillas, Peru
Trichocereus pachanoi / Peruvianus Intermediate (fresh 2015 seeds with excellent viability)
Trichocereus tulhuayacensis
Trichocereus tarapacana / Soehrensia taracapana
Trichocereus puquiensis from Puquio. .
Trichocereus poco / Trichocereus Tarijensis

Trichocereus narvaezensis (no real info on this one yet)
Trichocereus taquimbalensis (Lecori, Bolivia
Trichocereus bridgesii Australian Hybrid Seed (High quality seeds)
Trichocereus cordobensis
Trichocereus peruvianus Matucana

Trichocereus peruvianus - Rio Lurin / Lima

Trichocereus peruvianus or cuzcoensis Huancavelica

Trichocereus tarmaensis

Trichocereus knuthianus from North Peru

Trichocereus tacaquirensis

Trichocereus andalgalensis x Tr. Grandiflorus Crassicaulis
Trichocereus andalgalensis

Trichocereus herzogiana

Trichocereus huascha
Fresh seeds from 2015!

Trichocereus schickendantzii / grandiflora
Fresh seeds from 2015!

Trichocereus Mix

Trichocereus spachianus
Golden torch, fresh 2015 seeds! Great grafting stock!

Matucana Madisonorium

Trichocereus Peppermint Dreams x Grandiflorus Crassicaulis

Trichocereus pachanoi x peruvianus

Trichocereus camarguensis KK1413

Trichocereus camarguensis var. nana KK1414

Trichocereus Terscheckii
Fresh seeds from 2015!

Seeds from Peru / ALL FRESH.

Armatocereus matucanensis - Matucana

Melocactus peruvianus - Chosica -
Peruvian Melocactus species from Chosica.

Azureocereus hertlingianus
Trichocereus relative Azureocereus / Browningia hertlingiana.

Neoraimondia roseiflora

Oroya Borchersii
Arequipa sp. from Arequipa Yura

Espostoa nana - from Peru, Chilete

Haageocereus acranthus Backeberg - From Balsas

Loxanthocereus hoffmannii var. seniloides

Tephrocactus floccosus / Opuntia floccosa
Cordillera blanca, Peru
Loxanthocereus Pullatus Rauh & Backeberg Lurin / Lima

Echinocactus grusonii
From Vivero, Peru

Ferocactus sp.
Unknown Ferocactus species, fresh seeds!


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