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Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

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On 16/05/2022 at 4:35 AM, withdrawl clinic said:

i think, one can't give advice to ephedras in general, as they come from very different latitudes and climatic zones because of elevation.   [...] 


you are right in the principle.. any suggestion will be better when customised to species, plant age + history, plant container , climate , microhabitat and caring habit. 


I have found that the easiest to die on me were the american species, so they particularly need free-drainage .. And its these species who hate it more to be  wet over extended periods of time when they are 'sleeping/resting' . Yet its also possible you loose them if you forget them too dry - which then the plants usually warn you by drying off parts of their branches. Those species  seem to like heavier and poorer in nutricionals  clay-sand  substrate , whereas distachya, major, fragilis, foeminea  and even established  sinicas was grow in typical garden plants soil.  


Putting pebbles in the soil surface seems to help in any species, any age and any pot size. 


as for fragilis vs major, I think I have begun to figure out a way to tell in established habitat plants or big plants in the ground,  but its not as easy in plants in containers, well not until you have them growing side to side which I plan to do next season with new well-IDed seeds from spain.  more or less, fragilis is bigger with fatter branches and it also tends to create sucker shoots more readily. Major is more erect too.  But other wise they are very similar. 


on my good news,  today I picked the first chiloensis seeds !!!! woohoo! the fruits cones fleshy bracts do not become red or as bloated as other species, they are pinkish.  

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sagi, you make a very good point here, and one that was hard for me to get right, for a long time, for some plants with similar requirements.

tort, once said overwatering a plant can kill it fast, but underwatering will not, one can always just increase the water regime, when needed.


some plants are tricky and need, excatly what you suggested.

as well, i believe that some wilting diseases living in the soil, can get encouraged by bad watering regimes.


i am sorry to say, i stopped using pseudo ephedrin in pill form, as it now gives my tachicardia, a pitty, because it was the only otc pill, that helped, my hayfever/globus.

all other stuff promoted by the pharmacies, was usless, how can they make claims which are not true for many people, the TGA sucks!!



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