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The Corroboree
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Trichocereus seed for trade

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I have small amounts of these trichocereus hybrid seeds for trade


Anna x Rosei #1
Anna x Rosei #2
Ben x Macro (Fields)
Ben x Rosei #1
Ben x Rosei #2
Bridgesii OP
Grandiflorus (Red, Variegated) x Grandiflorus (Yellow) 
Helen x (SS02 x SS01)
John x Ben
John x J1
John x Rosei #2
Macro (Fields) x Ben
Macro (Fields) x Rosei #2
Pachanoi x Alko
Pachanoi OP
Rosei #1 x Ben
Rosei #1 x John
Rosei #1 x Macro (Fields)

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Im in New Zealand so can only receive seeds. I collect Trichocereus but am interested in all plants. Off the top of my head im after a particularly pretty flowered brugmansia and a citrus limetta. Any seed you have for trade i could possibly be interested in

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