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Can you run power to the greenhouse?

Might be able use a hps/mh light(probs around 400 watt, more if its a large area) with a gullwing reflector and pedestal fan. If you cant have the added light when heating is required can still use hps(in separate or blacked out area) with a cooltube, ducting and inline fan.

Zelly's suggestion looks simpler and cheaper tho. Did notice the first one is 700 watts and second 1500watts, obviously the second one heats a larger area so maybe find one suited to the size of ya green house.

I have a used a food dehydrator with a magic hotplate(made for cooking on the stove holds heat or something) on a stand 30cm above dehydrator to heat a mini aldi greenhouse. The hot plate held or generated enough heat the plastic on the dehydrator warped, it did do the job tho.

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