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The Corroboree

In light of poetry

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A second poem for the first women because I’m in love with you

The meaning to that is it will always remain like equal parts of the first man

I mean what I say and I see what I feel so I’m knowing that truth in my rite

Giving can be receiving like loving can be sharing as happiness is more than worthwhile 


Hey sister we’re going home like eternal snowballs that stay alive

The longest journey praying true life’s journey to the council of councils in counselling

It may be slang but it comes from the heart as there’s no place like home in the jungle

Then it may be our choice to choose what’s right and depart this world in a calling


I’ve made my wishes to the stars and the moon to infinity and all the way back

My prayers even more than that and to love just as much and I swear that you’re right

A true miracle is finding hope in a darkest hour whilst love is the saviour of abyss

The Creator of All through believing the deepest scars and burns could heal in light


I spent winter in darkness and your sunrise was bliss each time I awakened

Trust is such a completion I received and I asked for and now we will ask for more 

I could say it all my life those words would never grow old and neither would we

It’s crazy to truly have the best and feel its rightful place in your arms


Divinity is few and far between for a men who might love a woman

Sin is wrong reasoning against the archetype and denial of Christ

Here by the fall we gain power by control and hurt and steal free will

Our soul is beauty joy and love it was taken and will never be the same again

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Man i feel like such a lame guy just sharing my poetry, but my brain is fried/damaged and my attention is horrible.. funny name for a “meditator”..




Have you ever been hurt? Has it ever felt.. oddly pleasing?

my heart has been shattered.. picking up the pieces i judge my fractions of love, reason.. and doubt.

seeing my reason i realise im not all that bad.. but my emotions are too strong for my own good.

Love has always been a problematic solution for me..

I doubt ill ever find it.

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There was an opening as I found my knowing in the other half of me

I spent time writing on focused intent and shared the truth of spiritual law and love

It was a perfection of protection that I understood as my completion

As trust returned anger subsided and I agreed to see things clear


My faith was placed in front of me yet it was broken by tests

There was not one but two others and my own mind it finished last 

Serenity could restore beauty and trust but would it remain into tomorrow

My heart broken a few rare times and seeing true I could carry on


I could tell so many times that there’s nothing like coming home

True love and truly known then forgotten myself and thrown to the wind

What’s it worth to you I may ask if the wind blows these saddened tunes

This time I remember something never felt and more than anything before


I use my mind to imagine I’m so small as only a cell in two infinite beings in love and intertwined

I visit the very heart of god then even larger and ask our humans aligned to our true hearts also

Nothing better I pray than love bliss and joy expanding beyond all existence of its very self

This feeling it may come or go but I feel home and want truly nothing more than that


Consuming with everything that I am and expanding beyond more than anything that I am

Separation it hurts when finding union is a spark that frees us wholly totally and completely

Beauty could burn a lifetime as connecting the essence of higher levels was a soul split in two

A bond for siblings of magic and spirit running deeper than blood a mirror of hearts aligned


Not if but when 

We savour now our calling to source 

This bliss and this knowing 

Our wholeness is only growing into seeds

And the blossoming into trees 

Is our reaching to greater spheres

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For the longest journey I’ve known a calling

Home is a fragment of truth that guides from beyond

It’s been like living black and white for all I’ve known in life

I find true home in where my soul fastens to yours


These flames are first breaths of Real in the illusory

My deepest yearning is truth yet found surely in each other

Our wholeness is truth but truth could never fulfil our spirit

So worship above all else this bond perfection everlasting 


A lost memory of separation fits recognition of hereafter

Praying to my very origination calling myself all parts

This psychedelic mirror a spark of between

I love you

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So there I was sitting under the apple tree
A single line of constants and unconditional love
Three times did a tiger roar
And on the fourth I heard a dragon sing


Sing me praises she said, so I did

More was less and it was exciting
Confusing at times but simple, you know?
Keeping yourself together


Sick dog or maybe not
True love was worth a shot
I'm moving mountains for the best sellers
And keeping it all to myself


Could sadhu exist completely untamed on a winter's day

So you reckon regular customers have their own heir to the throne
I reckon I could play a few simple tunes
But longing is different to being and simplicity is only perfect


Kick the bucket my friend, I'll keep going!

Piss to the wind and give back to an island of light
Eleven pence me thinks, with pretty flavours and a tie in the knot
Kiss it goodbye


One last thing, I'm easy
Total absolution is like pie in the sky
Misery is commandeered by the weary
Total silence comes when wind blows


It was an ideology for burning bridges and crossing the river

It came and went, so forwards moved forward

Ideology this, Ideology that

Brown snakes in a paper bag


Confused yet? Same. Pray for star trek enterprise

Move forward into light and love

Find hope in a darkest hour

And all will be well from up above


Checked out at the checkout making mistakes

Graced out on Hawaii building lakes

Sorry for this my watch just broke

And completely insane




True love, it's a great feeling

An abyss was great too after you threw it away

Before or after a quizzical look

Sentences that could go on forever


Soldier on mighty fiends

Credit card history check

Fuck you and your little dog too 

Minds are built for mansions


I'm composing something special here

But it might be a little sideways over on the left there

Glasses on and it'll come down hard

So here we are


I like pikachu but what's that about

Pokemon cards are like Peruvian gods

Stickers for the divine and confetti particles

Something's not right but nevermind




Sequential dots lined up stars in a cosmos of offical unity

Fire filled the bellies of the hungry and dust turned to dust

Escape not so rewind eternity

The pursuit of happiness is a lingering scent under your nose


Thank reasons alive and fish in the pond

I wrote truth upon the walls of the innocent

A leg up could get you only so far, all aboard the chosen train

Forget happiness I’m in love


Six o’clock was timely enough even though

My scorpion can beat yours in a duel

Size me up I’ll cut it clean like Beirut



Drinking wine because the lacing is sweet

Setting up shop in your basement and getting on going on

Mine’s a chipmunk, what’s yours

Sixty dollars


Sunrise upon these glorious isles forget Vegas

Kicking the feet up on heavenly bliss track lines and farts

Snooze AM is perfect for actual centipedes but never so called doggies

A woman is simple just because


A wasted abyss speaks to people of every single creed

Even the little ones

Could pikachu jump the rope or masonary include simple tunes

Never forget simple tunes


Little Brother

Edited by immanuel

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Trust, caring and service the guidelines to new creation

I can see bees and birds coming together like a hive mind

I’m sorry and more sorry for crossing those lines

Most of all I wish upon a star for the greatest and best for all involved


I’d make shovelling the dirt so much easier if I could

A chrysalis is like metamorphosis on a grand scale

Learning can be seen through the eyes of the many

As time ticks around saving grace is coming


An honest achievement and you couldn’t ask for more

Legless around noon would level the score

Surprised not really I bit my tongue

For when it’s all said and done


Practice makes perfect so I’m practicing perfection

Sitting in traffic making sense making ground

I’d give it more to see it golden and bronze

I could know anything and it’s just around the corner


Sombre patterns like psychedelic kaleidoscopes instigating sound

Pick up sticks and make it in the nature

Over and out sound off my friends

Cya later

Edited by immanuel

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I remember peace as every part of who I am

I find memories over by the wayside computer

There’s nothing better than expression of perfection

I pray it never leave my heart


My twisted tongue sounding out Peruvian’s word

Parables of wasted abyss and devotions to coffee

Laughter so familiar these moreish tones

Could lore find shelter in a makeshift accord 


Truth, beauty, love and joy calling from afar

Origination that lies across oceans within hidden dreams

Coalesce upon the lost and found in greater vibrations

Wisdom all but lost in this spiritual suffocation


Freewill departed long ago remaining only limitation

Healing is forgiveness to inherent defiance of the infinite

Authority through absolution is the way forward

First is foremost in the original blueprint of mankind


I support transitions of spiritual requirements that are unfolding

Exactly when couldn’t see any further but central navigations keep working 

Hovering over me I find consequence and betrothed all together like fiscal truths

Sideways glance to look upon a treasure trove and celebrate the end of all things


Closing in like clockwork the natural state of a company marching forward

Nobody knows like a nobody fitting into his own shoes to see things forward

The supra mental foresee a change in the state of consecrated minds and gestures

Take a leaf from the old book and see a contribution take shape and form

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So many creative people here! I've hit a bit of a rough patch and find that writing is very therapeutic. Pretty basic compared to all y'alls but here's something from me. 


  Why don't you like me
cried the sorrowful moon
  are the songs that I sing
a little dull and out of tune


  Is my light a little bright
my face a little cracked
  do you not like the way
that when I'm gone
    I come back


  Is it my eyes or my nose  

the way that I frown
  my manner of speaking

that is letting me down


  I don't often get visitors 
up here in the sky
 well at least I have eternity

to ask myself why


thanks for reading. 

Edited by Pedro99
formatting from dramatic effect :\
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A single mother and her love for her only son is as holy as this night's gunna get!

Cocooned together they sleep.  

Next door i weep, years worth of sadness.

Heavy for all that is lost. 

I pray when they wake that they do not want for more.



Edited by Humboldt
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They call me crazy, this psych ward doesnt even believe in the multiverse.. coming from another, am i blessed, a blessing, or a cursed curse.. i know the game, a shattered man is tame, but only a shattered man can be rebuilt.. the wizards all understand guilt.. and how its built to be redeemed to the gold… common gold isnt true Gold.. thats another mystery. 

or am I truely insane? Im certainly narcissistic, paranoid at times. But everyone knows time is bullshit. The bullseye is always hit when yang enters the room. Or am i just getting your hopes up?

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