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The Corroboree

In light of poetry

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After everything.
After pent up pain and endless suffering.
After a capacity stretched beyond what it was ever capable of.
Do we continue? Repeat what we already know?
Repeat our mistake, time and again.
For this is why we suffer.

Now, we are open.
We see our home.
We see our creator.
And what it has done.
To end our pain, our pain.
All pain.

We forgive all creation, our existence itself.
All we can ask is that it stops, as it has.
To watch a storm together,
Or the sun set over an ocean.

I choose beauty, love and joy.
The truth of what is learned.
Let us lick our wounds.
Forgive our battles.
And remember our ancient promise.

Together as one, home again.
Our creators promise.
All will be cared for.


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So here is a poem that is essentially a composite of impressions taken from a dozen or so experiences with synthetic 5-MeO-DMT:


Silver fractal shards pour into my sight,


spiralled out and piping in – sudden liquid light.


Yielding to an emptiness, a space at once replete,


with boundless black expanse, infinite and complete.



Unfolding diamond laden vista, quartz and crystalline, 


each-in-all and all-in-each, endless myriad facets shine.


In charged electric ether-sphere, a brilliant lightening white,


Brings from depths within, an arcane obsidian night.



Sound vibrates this space in time and into being creates,


a vastly liminal zone; a pure awareness state.


An omnipresent force propels, the surge to rise and grow,


with pulsing, phasing current in eternal ebb and flow.



A vibratory purge, a harmonising clean,


Orgasmic oscillation of frequency unseen. 


In somatic symmetry of tension-borne release,


this fluid state of flux, reflects an inner peace.



Translucent beads of potency in molten motion course,


through quicksilver rivulets to the heart of source.


As Spirit moves in everything, everywhere and everywhen,


Its purity of perfection arrives at home again.



This body, I, a vessel see– the breath of life is me,


In gratitude of energy and re-membering to be.


From alpha to omega flows, eternal animation’s shape,


Always here, always now- essence of is-ness agape.



As onyx mindscape dissolution, finds the centre core,


of true, eternal, love divine in soulgasm evermore.


Open - open - ever open… to receive with bliss; serenity,


in stillness grace abounds, wholly-holy integrity.









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I watched a video.

The last centuries, years, it does look like a foul swoop with a fish net.

Remembering how much our experience has changed with the degradation of a planet and overpopulation.

Like implanted temporal markers, and the annihilation and brainwashing of generational knowledge.

With that perspective, use it to serve others in a small moment in time that can heal eternity.


Edited by manu

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So he introduced me to his wife
She said we all have a foothold in life
Unless, you die on a cross
I know this to be the truth
And so do I, I said to her

I'll meet my death
To see my son again
I stood on a chair
To play with a noose

I saw the light
And lost my footing

Why die for me?
I sit in the scum
Runt of the pack
Scum of the Earth

I'll sell my soul,
Die in hell
Shatter my heart
And never come back

Just to see my son in his heart
To see a father in his eyes.

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Bees together.
Birds together.
Fly together.
Coo together.
Fight together.
Die together.
Fuck together.
See together.
Hear together.
Breathe together.
Always together.
Together forever.
There is no other way.

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EDITED BY MODERATOR: Removed personal details.

Edited by manu
Removed the personal details
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OK. Here I am

I got somethin' to say

I'm talkin' to the ignored

Who've been pushed away


When you're raised dumb

When you're fed lies

Kept compliant and numb

As they rule all your lives


You think you are free

And you're without fear

But the suits still make sure

There's a new war every year


They got it down pat

It's divide and conquer

Wear you down so flat

You can't think any longer


They got all that is needed

To satisfy and fill you

Then make you believe

There's someone who'll kill you


Their concern's a disguise

Your freedom a farce

Reinforced with the lies

Of the new world class


You're taught well to hate

And to turn on your friends

Made to fuck them all over

'Till it's too late for amends


You're taught to work hard

And then when you die

It's too late you find out

You been livin' a lie


You're kept in a constant state of fear

Confusion and blindness year after year

You trade using sacrifices which got you here

Make sure you check out her rear

But don't even consider the queer

'Cause the law-makers claim both oracle and seer

But they jeer, and they leer

Then make you dig graves for the ones you hold dear

'Cause the shadow got power and rules without fear

As wealth they veer over polished veneer

In rhetoric as smooth as water-on-weir

Then they repose in the shade for a well-earned beer


You are all just sheeple

Indoctrinated people

Led by the nose and hung from the steeple

Of the house sworn to fight away evil

That cancer which causes us all to be feeble

And reap ill from wheat infested with weevil


Don't end your life down on bended knee

It is the third eye which truely sees

That he is she is we is me

The life which has become the tree

Which through love enables you to be

The only one who can set you free.

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I'm an ordinary man with a demon inside me
Waiting and hoping for my consciounce to hide me
Constantly searching for a victim to guide me 
Back home.


I wrestle my soul with this tiring affliction
My crutch and my monkey, my endless addiction
I can no longer tell is this truth, is this fiction
I've known.


What would you say, would you turn away
Leave your seat in the theatre, let the tragedy play
I trade my silence for screaming
Bathed in nightmares while dreaming
Lock your doors, draw the curtains at the end of the day.


With so many around me, of course it is only
For the price of my soul, my demon ain't lonely
For a sin which it loathes
Dressed up in fine clothes
Like a high class whore who is comely.


I'm guided by morals, but I'm certainly no saint
A host bearing goodness with a dark, silent taint
A canvas alive with only grey shades of paint
I'm alone.


Society dictates I'm an outcast, a reject
A threat and a burden with a character defect
Ignoring the fact it was out of the prefect
I'm grown.


So now what would you say, would you run away
Knowing I can't keep this demon at bay
My soul endlessly screaming
For a silence redeeming
And a debt incurred for my spirit to pay.

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You were standing like stone
A rock amongst boulders
Like a sentinal under pale moonlight
We were together yet alone
Like a child amongst soldiers
Afraid we'd get drawn into the fight


I'm divided in two
Inside a cell of my making
Like a mirror I am facing myself
I keep expecting my due
While inside I am shaking
Instead of embracing my wealth


I'm a loser, I'm a winner
I'm a saint and I'm a sinner
Begging for his final benediction
I am dark, I am light
I am wrong and I am right
I'm nothing if I am not a contradiction


What if you want me there
To carry some of this weight
Instead of giving up and letting you go
What would you have me share
Of this burden that I hate
And a cost for me if I'm to watch you grow


You bring with you a story
That which makes you who you are
And trust in me the pages I must fill
Am I so vein in all my glory
That I would think to go so far
And change the storyline against your will.


I am low, I am high
I am truth and I'm a lie
I'm a fact buried deep within a fiction
I am hot, I am cold
I am young and I am old
I am nothing if I am not a contradiction.


You are life and you are pure
In both your strength and need
And your essence is a salve which eases pain
To my disease you are a cure
To my decay you are a seed
Which blooms to wrap my world in love again.


I'm assertive, I am meek
I am strong and I am weak
And helplessly a slave to my addiction
I am expressed, I am unspoken
I am whole and I am broken
And I am nothing if I am not a contradiction.



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I stood before the doorway
To a thousand different worlds
Some in darkness, some in light
I saw the shape of my reflection
But it was shaded by the night


All the wise words rise inside me
All good intentions wax and wane
The evil and the saintly
Are all standing hand in hand
Next to the modest and the vain


Now I'm a hostage to my visions
That parlay in my mind
In a gamble for my soul
My heart exposed for everyone to see
Along with every thought I stole


All the martyrs still have work to do
Saving souls of all the dying
All the heathens, all the pagans
Are at one with Mother Earth
'Cause it's a story they're not buying


The dogs of war lay sleeping
In the shade of our demise
Yesterday they fought for truth
Today they place a price on every life
Then exact it from our youth


Greed and envy send their tendrils out
Feeding off our every breath
All the forests, all the oceans
Are giving up their life
Fading, and leaving only death


Our grip on life is slipping
And we recognize our fate
We see darkness cloud our eyes
In ignorance, we've cracked Pandora's Box
While Prometheus kneals and cries


Finally our echo starts to fade
Returning to the earth
Leaving stillness, leaving silence
To remind us who we were
And everything we're worth.

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At a Glance



Impulses left freely to ignite the quiet


Gently bringing the warm awareness


Expressing joyously the freedom of the moment


Spontaneous bursts of brilliance, one offs


Joining endlessly to create one glorious now


Ever expanding


Always exceeding never better never worse


Only Diverse


Verses interwoven to bring


The conscious song into  being


At a Glance from a Distance


An Infinite Moment in Glory


Edited by johnw7000
To resize to a smaller print
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You should call it anytime

If at first you don’t succeed

Then I’ve dialled it in this rhyme


To express a higher oneness

I do perceive it with my mind

And the boundaries of insanity

I’ve lost so many times


The struggle it is a paradox

As this realm is only limited

I may be a spiritual being

Yet my experience is human


An anti-creation force

A soul less capture

This truth was for learning

As well as a golden rapture


Long live the queen

God bless her heart

And all its missing pieces

And her only man



Edited by manuel

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Hope is where the heart is

The difference of night and day

Hope is the beginning

A particle made from dust

Created by gentle beings


A Peruvian love story

Our last hope 

Lost hope

To find an only way

To restore the great divide


The true creation

With everything I am

More than anything I am

And forevermore

Cause it was all worthwhile


I feel you

No release from pain

I love you

Think of what we’ll gain

I miss you



We hung upon a cross

But did not cross over

To be reborn

Into truth and love

Edited by immanuel

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They called me psychotic.. i knew it as a 1/2 truth


love was beyond showing.. 2 meanings to that..

heart was aching and overflowing.. i felt and saw her.. beyond the common senses,

tears arent euphoric enough to describe what we felt


when it was over the tears remain.. and more came.. when it was over i knew id never feel it again........ once in a lifetime on this plain.. what a shame we cant explain to our stupid brains and learn to maintain the gain from our pain yet we try to sustain through the loss of our.. sane thinking..


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