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planting toxic plants..

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Hello :)

This is possibly a very stupid question sorry :)


Im heading towards planting out some of my plants into boxes and also straight in the ground...

Whilst this may seem silly to some (please be gentle im new to all of this :) )...

But something tells me not to plant the things im not considering consuming amongst the plants i will consume...

Do alkaloids/toxins/poisons/whatever leech into the soil/ground?

For example, should i not plant my kava, valerian, echinacea etc (roots i plan on consuming) near plants that could be considered toxic and that which i would not consider consuming...if so, how close is too close? :/

I hope its easy to understand what i mean :) i may just be being neurotic and overly cautious but i just wanted to check :)...

Id hate to harvest something only to find it hand been contaminated by toxins in the soil (if thats possible)..

Thanks in advance :)

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No, there is no danger of toxins leeching into the soil and being absorbed by another plant.

Still, I'd advise against planting toxic plants among the edible ones, you or someone else could accidentally pick some material from the toxic plant. And if you're growing something like Aconitum, simply touching the leaves could cause symptoms.

Toxic plants should be kept in their separate part of the garden, if possible with some sort of warning, so they don't get picked accidentally.

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somebody once told me not to grow datura near tomatoes or the datura alkaloids will find their way into the tomatoes..

dnno if it's true but probably wont test it out either..

also dont grow anything under sassafras tree.. it has one of those battle chemicals that can wipe out other plants..

is all i got for now..

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Thanks berengar and thunderhorse :)

Yeah i kind of had that thought, envisioned absinthum root ending up amongst kava/valerian roots and getting a nasty suprise... i do try to avoid trips to the emergency ward or doctors if i can :)

With things like aconite/nightshades one does have to be very careful apparently.. i dont have either, as such, but do take an interest in plants with history/folklore so i have been trying to think of ways in which one could safely cultivate (i have cats and dogs, kids would be even more of a concern)

Anywho! I had 2 dog crates and play pens lying around that my dogs no longer use...

Currently i use one for keeping seedlings safe at night from possums but am thinking of creating a fenced area for plants that are particularly toxic, and using the crates standing upright for aconite/belladonna or such...

It doesnt quite sound aesthetically pleasing but it actually looks pretty good so far, probably because all the metal has a black finish :)

(The eventual plan is to grow specimens from interesting historical/folkloric plants that i can dry and put into sealed jars and onto my bookshelf of oddities :) )

Anyway im rambling now sorry :)

Thanks for the reassurance!!

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I'd agree with thunderhorse about not growing Solanums near poisonous ones, i.e. datura brugmansias nicotianas etc.

That said I've grown nicotianas and daturas near tomatoes and chillis with no ill effects. Or maybe I don't remember them? ;)

A fence isn't going to stop anything miss-meandor88. The possums... well I wouldn't mind culling a few to be perfectly honest, they eat all my edibles here. You'd want to use a different area of the garden or a different bed altogether. Aconite and mandrake are some of the few VERY toxic ones I'd be somewhat concerned about. Just don't keep them too close to any edibles/medicinals you plan on consuming. But by that I mean not directly beside them, the chances of soil leaching are pretty damn slim unless you're planting in dense clay. (Which in Brisbane is not out of the question!)

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Yeah i think ill be keeping all the potential nasties seperate :)

Oh no i meant a fence to stop my dogs, i use a crate cage thingy for my seedlings againdt possums :) i am yet to figure out how to stop them eating my vegies tho :/

Hmmm yes i think seperate :)... in the other corner of the yard :)

Thanks again! :(

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