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If u had a large source of money to do so what would u invest in and where would u start. I have seen some docos where peeps installed large battery and solar panel system to last more than 3 days if there is no sun. Water filtration system ect.

So what technology would u want to get for yourself to start going off grid?

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The most important factor would be the land. If you've got a natural fresh spring then you won't need a filtration system. A running stream that could generate electricity via a hydro generator. Also fertile land.

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After living off grid for a little while in isolation, here's a few points I've noticed while staying in this shack -

Heating and cooling use a ridiculous amount of energy. Good insulation is a must. 'Insulate before generate'.

Windows facing the correct direction.

LiFePO4 battery bank.

Large and small inverter for optimum efficiency.

Large rain water tank.

Bore/dam water holding tank.

RO filter in case bore/dam water must be used for potable water.

Fire place.


Very high efficiency appliances.

Use most of your energy during the day, since we are lucky enough to have that giant fission reactor above our heads, spewing out free energy almost every day in Australia.

Protected garden space.

Biiig, stable temperature and humidity pantry. (Rat proof)

If you're a fair bit away from other people, spares of everything, some sort of communication means in case you're in real trouble.

Essentially, when you have to provide your own energy, you sure do change just about every habit, unless you put in a 30kw system.

Edit: Completely forgot to list the obvious, probably because I think it's just assumed when living in Australia - Solar!

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That place is amazing

Sure is - any idea of price - $5mill plus???

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