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Spiritual purging

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Although from observation aya has the similar sickening effect as alcohol,

they are very different, vibrationally.

Aya is a medicine, it travels around the body, dislodging cellular memory (bad energy)

it makes you purge to eliminate that junk.

Ive observed that people with upper Chakra stuff(issues) will vomit, cleansing the heart ,and throat.

People with deep buried sacral stuff will diarrhea.

People will have a real sense of what it is that is coming out, aya feels like a cleanser,

It never feels like a toxin.

People who have cleared all their stuff,can drink regularly, indeed hold space and facilitate,and rarely purge anymore.

The answer to your question Change is in the pudding.

Aya is like swimming in the ocean, you can describe it, analyze it, discuss it,look at it in movies and pictures.

But nothing can come close to actually being in the ocean.

Something experienced with your entire sensory system and mind.

You just need to drink more medicine,form a relationship with that plant portal, and it will answer all your questions.

Guaranteed !

Hopefully we can discuss this in detail around my campfire soon

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thats probably the best explanation yet.

yes I have deep buried sacral stuff.

I'm slowly letting go but it takes time obviously.

now I'm looking forward to a purge but still have my teeth in mind. well whats left of my teeth anyway.

be happy.


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There is another perspective to the concept of spiritual purging.

The concept of "healing ones spirit" is ridiculous.

All spirit is from source and is perfect,equal,and one.

The only thing to be purged is the obstructions to ones channelling of that.

Unfortunately we have layers of obstructions in this egoic operating system, within a materialistic,increasingly unnatural world.

To release the sickness from this condition, the medicine will make you sick.

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I love the purge, the more I have drunk the more I understand the purge and embrace it fully despite how gruelling it can be at the time. Aya purges you in numerous. You can cry, shake, cough, burp, diarreha etc. I'm not much of a vomitter but often cough up thick blobs of mucus..hehe sorry for the visuals. I guess that is to be expected considering the amount of ganja I used to smoke. Once I was coughing the mucus up for what felt like hours and when I asked where it come from I saw my lung cells squeezing out all this yellow thick sticky mucus, I've been in some amazing landscapes with aya before but nothing has felt as euphoric as seeing my lungs be cleared from all the punishment I put them through. My throat/lungs have never been so clear and needless to say I'll never smoke like I used to. Singing also really helps shift blockages from throat/lungs..mainly throat and yes you can sing everyone can.

I've had some pretty big vomitting sessions with alcohol and they are just completely different. I guess they look the same from the outside though but qualitatively you don't feel clean/clear after an alcohol purge like with mama aya :wub: Although I do recall once balling my eyes out after drinking way too much alcohol and had some stuff come up that I felt like I was able to shift but aya purging is on a whole other level.

I agree with Horus' above comment, drink more medicine and approach her spirit with respect and she will reveal the answers to what you're asking.

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