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Evil Genius

Trichocereus Manguinii aka Trichocereus WK

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Hi Guys, just want to post this scan of a plant called Trichocereus Manguinii. I wrote an article about it yesterday and it´s a very interesting plant that can be encountered in Australia under the name Trichocereus WK. No one really knows what it means but it´s one heck of a cool plant and I had to post it here too.

The species is very similar to Trichocereus Schickendatzii but grows more like a columnar cactus instead of the relatively clumping groups of Trichocereus Schickendantzii. It also has red flower buds instead of green ones on Schickendantzii. The species is absolutely not accepted anymore and those plants were now integrated into Trichocereus Schickendantzii, though they are very different. If you happen to come across similar plants, please post them in here.


If you want to read more about the history of the name, you can also check what I wrote on my website.


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Here's a pic of my 'WK', sourced from Robert Fields.



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Thanks EG :)





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