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Grafted Lophophora Button Cactus For Sale.

Graft is approximately 65mm in diameter as you can see in the attached photos.

There are 7 pups growing from the Button, some with their own small pups on them. There are also several others starting to emerge. There is a small blemish because a bird decided to try a little bit, it has completely healed and the Cactus is in excellent health.

Plant Rootstock is a Trichocereus pachanoi. Graft is a Lophophora williamsi.var.caespitosa.

The Catus has been organically grown outdoors so it is already hardened to outside conditions.

Cactus will be sent bear rooted, using Registered Post, to the lucky recipient in a well padded tube to ensure it isn't damaged in transit.

Price - $130 ono

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.












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Saw this on eBay a few weeks ago, i thought it went for a large amount of cash!

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FYI its also on gumtree not sure how to post url's ill give it a shot


BTW grafter it a nice looking plant apart from the bird damage. Never heard of a bird going at a cactus b4, at least one with no fruit.

I've found some nice looking plant on ebay/gumtree that aren't in the ebay/gumtree forum that I've been frequently going through looking for some good deals.

Ill post some up when i figure out how to post urls (noob) see if anybody wants to try and snap em up. just not the ones I'm bidding on :P

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Haha yep, Brush Turkeys, ive had to fence of most of my garden because of them, but they have theor place, just preferably not on my plants.Im also guessing they give you trouble too

Mesq ?

Yep ive also got it on Gumtree as mentioned and yes it did sell on Fleabay but the sale fell through so i thought i would try somewhere else. Ive read this forum for a long time but have never sold anything on here.

Yes cash on pickup is available.

Ive got a few others im thinking about putting up soon along with some small Psychotria plants if theres much interest in them.

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