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The Corroboree
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Trichocereus hybrid seeds

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Hi, I have a bunch of Trichocereus open pollinated and hand pollinated hybrid seeds, send me PM if you're keen on trading for any other interesting cactus seeds!

T. bridgesii (OP 2014)
T. bridgesii x peruvianus
T. bridgesii x pachanoi
T. knuthianus x (scopulicola x bridgesii)
T. pachanoi (OP 2014)
T. pachanoi "Yowie" x (scopulicola x bridgesii)
T. pachanoi x bridgesii
T. pachanoi x peruvianus
T. pachanoi x (scopulicola x bridgesii)
T. peruvianus (OP 2014)
T. peruvianus x bridgesii
T. scopulicola x bridgesii
T. (scopulicola x bridgesii) x knuthianus
T. (scopulicola x bridgesii) x pachanoi

OP=open pollinated seed is from last year, all others are freshly harvested this year. Cheers

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