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The Corroboree

Phleb competition/ trade

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Hello mushroom hunters, 'tis almost the season!

I have 10+ phleb seeds and a tray of 1yr old loph seedlings to give away to the person(s) whom can provide me with one or more of the following cultures, fresh fruiting bodies (i.e. cultivable) or spore prints:

1.) Laccaria bicolor


2.) Paxillus involutus


3.) Pisolithus tinctorius


You will have to prove these fungi are indeed what you think they are. Photos, location, morphological descriptions, spore prints, colony growth/ colour etc. If you need an agar recipe for mycorrhizal sp please pm me. No unidentified LBM's please.

Additionally, I am also seeking:

4.) Aminata muscaria


5.) Other mycorrhizal pine species (pm me)

Lots of cactus and seed to trade.

Happy picking everyone.

edit: dyslexic moment

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