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I tested two species of ephedra in simple infusion made using something like this:


I dont know english name.... "plunger infusionator"?? :P

Used volumen of ephedra stem powder was more or less one cup of coffee in both bioassays. I drank two pots like above, using the same powder for extracting all "substance" of quantity used. Similar way as argentine mate.

The species tested was E. fragilis and E. distachya (It could be major but I am not sure of ID).


E. fragilis was no active and I was able to sleep without any problem.

One month later I tested E. dystachia /major. Definitely this specie was active. I felt my heart flapping and I was not able to sleep at night.

I haversted both in October.

I hope you find my short report interesting ;).

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cool. we call that apparatus a "french press" (i.e. coffee press/plunger)

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you'll get a lot more out of it if you do a double decoction: throw it in a pot with a few cups of water, then simmer it down for 30 minutes, strain the juice into a jar or something, then add more water and simmer it again. that's how we do for medicinal use in chinese medicine.

while i'm at it, take caution with this substance. it has a strong action on the heart, and is a strong diapohoretic, which can leave you drained. we use it mainly to sweat out a strong wind-cold pathogen, but many people can't handle it because their constitutions aren't strong enough to take it safely.

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I used it a long time ago, maybe 20 years, and it caused a lot of dizziness and heart stress. Moreso than any amphets. I discontinued use after a bout of headaches and nausea.

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