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kava kava powder

snake root

neem oil

sesame seeds

catha eudilis

Cactus grandiflorus

cola nitilda

Mimosa hostilis

voucanga africana seeds

voucanga leaves

voucanga tree bark

Moringa seeds

strophantus gratus tincture

strophantus seeds

Iboga root back powder

yohimbe powder


Lophophora williamsii

we offer extracts like ***,*********,ibogaine.....we also have seeds and cuttings. All prucedures have their tutorials for better clearifications


***moderator edit, this member is not in Australia and importataion of some of these items may not be legal where you are in the world. Check before placing any orders****
Edited by El presidente Hillbillios
Keeping it legal (ish)

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