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Why would anyone have a cat as a pet!

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i love cats, but i couldn't eat a whole one!

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On the topic of sadistic animals, has anyone watched a doco on chimpanzees? They can be as horrible as humans, so it doesn't seem killing for fun/cruelty is only a human beings trait, come to think of it I've seen cruelty and meanness exhibited by horses and ducks as well, oh and aquarium fish! Some are real nasty bastards!!

the ability to be a willful cunt seems to be a fundemental facet of all higher animals. cuntiness being so often evolutionarily favorable

Bonobos are higher primates and juxtapose the "dopamine style" of the chimp with their oxytocin-style society. A gross oversimplification, but natural selection in an ever-changing environment means that a particular neural setup (like one which tends to cruelty) isn't always going to be best. If one can be labelled approximately the best it's one which can adapt without evolving, and we see that successful animals usually have the capacity to survive in multiple niches. The lower something is in the food chain the more fundamental its niche eg bacteria hang around eating organic matter and if an entire component of the biosphere fdisappears, grasslands or forests say, those bacteria aren't put out. Animals with advanced calorie-guzzling brains occupy niches that come and go. Continued existence is only marginally feasible but the brain might afford the ability to skip from niche to niche, humans have done it many times across many ecosystems, all in a span of time that hasn't allowed much genetic change.

Its not just because we're clever and had some timely physical traits. Its mostly that, but our demeanor is a flexible just like our survival strategies, we can sacrifice our lives to help our comrades, or we can sacrifice anything to benefit ourself. Each of us could run with lovers or with killers, we can cope with solitude or in the most cramped quarters, compete with species or form synergies.

Cats and dogs are the same although we probably contributed to branching their original predatory species into more placated versions which don't automatically kill anything close by. In dogs its been attributed to a shrinking of the brain and reduction in adrenaline.

You can certainly find domestic dogs, domestic cats, and humans which are fully immersed in their loving mode, and others are, well, cunts.

It does raise the question of humans also being domesticated hominids. Did we domesticate ourselves? If so it has paid off, and specimens which don't adequately include themselves in the pack or more likely to perish, die as the packs enemy, or fail to mate, and tenuously formed packs (say, genetically less prone to oxytocin release) may eventually succumb despite having superior hunting and warring traits.

There is so much criticism I could aim at groups of humans, justifiably. Its good to know that while fortune seems to favour humans (and pussies and puppies) who can play well with others, there will always be little niches/habitats/microclimates for rebels, psychos, renegades, fraudsters, parasites and loners..... Some are school dropouts but some are truly too cool for school, maybe even successors to currently dominant types. Even if we remain the kind of communal animal capable of tremendous ignorance and other tradeoffs, the whole will always produce oddballs who can fulfill a role that others cant.

Tldr a species is geared for cuntishness according to how crucially their methods of operation benefit from it.

Is an octopus cruel? Their brain is amazing but along with their victims they're sufficiently alien that we don't see their behaviour in terms of friendly/unfriendly, their environment is primal survival to us. They grow from plankton without any guidance, display the most amazing and flexible behaviours yet as far as we can perceive their is no emotional content in their lives. They probably lack the basic "demeanours" displayed by mammals. What are their demeanours? Rich beyond what we could anthropomorphise, I bet.

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