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A random act of selflessness or plain self incrimination.. I couldn't care less.

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So I have found a lady willing to try the ibogaine treatment.. Now im a little unclear on where this lies legally due to it being the pure rootbark but hey whatever... pretty sure a selfless offer to help another should over-rule any self incriminating evidence ive just posted pffft whatever :) There's people quite freely selling highly expensive medical Marijuana concentrates over here that are monitored by cops yet live quite a wealthy and happy life! This was simply 5g I had never touched personally and had sitting in my fridge okay so don't insinuate that im an iboga dealer! :)


Donate to something worthwhile! https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/wv17/ibogaine-treatment




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nah mate the only thing criminal going on there is the fact the govt of aus isn't funding this.

Seriously though, you will not be getting any shit from helping that lady out. Breaking the law to help someone else is gotta be one of the most humane things possible. Hiding jews from the slaughter of the nazis.

laws are meant to be broken.


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That really means alot bro as she really was so over the moon that someone had even noticed this fundraiser! :)

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