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Vegetation of Queensland surveys and maps

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The Vegetation of Queensland describes the 98 Broad Vegetation Groups (BVGs) defined for the 1:1M mapping level and lists the most extensive regional ecosystems included in each BVG. BVGs are a higher-level grouping of vegetation communities and regional ecosystems. BVGs provide an overview of vegetation across the state or within a Queensland bioregion.

This document syntheses the information gained from more than 35 years of survey and mapping of vegetation and regional ecosystems by more than 80 staff at the Queensland Herbarium. The document is illustrated with 375 photographs, 108 tables and 103 maps, with detailed pre-clearing and remnant extent, and extent within the protected area estate.

The document is downloadable for free from Queensland Government Publications.

Summary statistics for all REs, vegetation communities and BVGs are also available in an excel table.

If anyone is interested :)

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Thanks for posting Whitewind.

Qld has had their shit together so much more than NSW when it comes to a coordinated statewide veg mapping system. Sadly veg assessment, classification and mapping in NSW has been (until relatively recently) a bit of a dogs breakfast - the work of Benson (and Benson et. al. various dates) and the team from the Royal Botanic Gardens has begun the process of rectifying this situation across the west and southwest of NSW.. There is a series of comprehensive publications in Cunninghamia (and databases underpinning them) - if interested check out:


for links and more detail.

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