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Cactus+Plants+Seeds 4 Sale

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Okay guys as things warm up I can offer some more goods

I have Yellow caapi plants for sale varying sizes, I am taking orders now for them, but i want to grow most of them some more before sending depending on the location of the buyer. I will also be selling plant material for propagation in 500grams to 3kg satchels to interested parties. There is a unlimited amount of plants with roots already that can be sent at buyers risk but would prefer to grow them on for a couple of weeks before sending especially to places that are far away and still possibly cold?

Plants should be around $10 to $12 each discounts for bulk amounts

I have lots of different cactus plants for sale some are cuttings some are seedlings and others are plants that have been in the ground and will have to be dug out roots and all. Some clones, X's and species such as Eileen, super pedro, knuthianus, cuzconeis, Psychoo, Fat blue pach, some of them i dont know the names of but all have been sourced from reputable growers in Australia

Also have a fair few TBM's for sale, first in best dressed aswell as a handfull of loph grafts that i want to send to good homes

Tricho's will be around $1 a cm or less depending on quality

TBM around $5 for each decent sized segment discounts on multiple purchases

Will sell the 10 or so 20-30cm seedlings in a pack which i may add in some TBM's and other goodies!

Will post pictures later on in the week!

Seed wise, I have a fair few lots of psychotria berries for sale these like always will be sold cheap to anyone that wants them first, they are still fresh and ready to be picked off the plant.

$25 per bag of seeds 100 seeds in a bag

Tricho seeds 1000 lots $150 each (Bridgessi/Macrogonus and more rarer then the others T.pasacana.

Will be getting more varieties in a couple of weeks will update here.

Loph seeds 100 lots now $30 each for all types that i have

Will list types later. Will try to get the cheapest bulk lophs in Australia by next month

Also offering another product that ive sold before dried calea herb going cheap and in bulk amounts will try to squeeze as much product that i can into one of the larger tough bags. This amount of herb will last years, and includes leaf for smoking and fine twigs for brewing tea or extraction.

Prices to be arranged via PM

Will add in more details/prices later on in the week,

Feel free to PM if you want anymore info or want to be first in line for X amount of caapi cuttings

I am willing to send caapi/cactus/seeds overseas at buyers risk, but may charge a minor fee for doing so due to the extra packaging needed to ensure survival of the plants.

Also have some plant extract for sale which is nice and relaxing, PM if you want to buy a sample or want to buy a full bag before the last of it is gone.

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Some plants i would be willing for people to pick up, the ones that need to be dug out of the ground in particular!

Also can sell two advanced psychotria carthigenesis i would be willing to sell for a fair price, if someone wants to pick them up in person on the sunshine coast area! PM

Price should be around $30 each for them!

Also if you visit you can look @ the mother caapi which is flowering

Priority will go to those that ive met before, but am happy to meet some new faces.

Only thing is we need to work around the owners of the place as it isnt my place, but they are pleasant to deal with so no stress.

I could also meet people halfway @ a park if needed but wouldnt prefer to.

Photo's coming up later on this afternoon.

Super pedro whole plant for sale needs to be dug up. Tip can be sold as well, if the base is not wanted.


PM me for a picture of an eileen that i want to sell 4x tip cuts plus the base, all of it is for sale(picture is too large to upload

Trichocereus Knuthianus- Fair few of these for sale dont see heaps of them around



Rob similar to super pedro slight difference tho, same family.


Bridgessi this is one spikey seed grown bridgessi, goes a nice blue when it was pamperd on my verandah now not so much



Cuzco (heaps of tip cuts for sale whole plants aswell)



Two yowie tip cuts for sale



T.bridgessi X unknown (heavy pupping and vigorous growth)


PC Pachanoi (the pc pach used in all of PD's crosses throughout the years)


PM me if you want any of these, im putting them up here before i put them up on facebook.

Only want to sell plants within Aus, If you have something special to trade mention it but chances are I will take the cash as i want to get some capital together to buy bulk seeds!

Cheers Will also have a box of mixed seedlings all sorts of hard grown X's going in one lot for a decent price later in the week.

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got any roseii-2?

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I have a rosei i forget which one tho, dont think its large enough to cut anyhow.

Want to thin out the garden i planted as it's too compacted, which makes it hard to weed/maintain.

Pictures of TBM's for sale in the next 30minutes

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Pictures of the TBM's that i have for sale, roughly around $5 per segment

























PM which number you want so that i can set it aside for you, first in best dressed and im not only selling here guys.

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Have heaps of Caapi cuttings $12 each all have roots, vine segments are of decent diameter, postage will be express most will fit in the 500gram express satchels for $12 plants will need to be packed right so they survive.

Also if you want more then one thats fine and a discount on the plants can be arranged but postage will have to be upgraded to the 3kg express satchels if weight is over 500grams or they cant fit in the other satchels.

Please PM best plants will be posted first.

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Also one bag of P.carthigenesis berries for sale probably around 100 berries picked today so in total 200 seeds to germinate, price is $35 including postage Australia wide. Please PM first in best dressed

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With the cactus you dont have to buy the whole plant if you dont want to, like with the eileen if you just want one tip thats fine, same with the cuzco knuthianus psychoo tips....

The carthigenensis plant are well established and flower non stop year round. These will be sold cheap, if you can pick them up.

Also I can drop plants off for a fee! It will be a lot cheaper then aus post and quicker no doubt. Will drive to brisbane, gympie and other places if its a days drive there and back and you buy enough plants and cactus to make it worthwhile.

For any prices PM they are all decently priced, and large purchases get extra cactus/seeds or plants.


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I'm keen 4 a caapi and most likely a TBM. Will pm you.

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Man I wish you did LayBy haha, will probably end up pm-ing you anyways but.. Gotta spend our money somewhere!

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I will be getting some packs together so people can get a heap of cactus seed and a plant

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okay have sent most orders out!

have a few i need to send next week!!

then i will list some cactus packs of the plants that are callousing on the verandah!

cheers folk

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