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Anxiety Disorders. PTSD. Panic Attacks.

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Pretty interesting pdf. I reckon I've suffered untreated ptsd in the past. Panic attacks. Pretty much the list :) But seriously most people just try to blunder on and keep going, just like me, so it's nice to see some solutions and explanations all in one space.


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I got to page 3 and was like DUH and by page 4 I had anxiety again lol

seriously thanks for posting i'll look at it some more... but im gonna skip page 8 looks like further down there are some interesting therapies that maybe worth a try but i'll have to figure out my own way I guess....

a few years ago I was losing a home and then later took a job in collections.. during that job I developed the most unbearable anxiety it was the the point that I couldn't show up at work.. I stayed in the house for about 6 months.. I do have to say after doing shrooms once and for the first time, I was able to let go of the house easily and didn't have anxiety for about a year or two after that, but it crept back in this year... the shrooms ended up being the better alternative to suicide in my case and all the other crazy shit I was thinking of....

anyways I got some Rhodiola on the way but i started taking anti anxiety aminos again and it really does help alot, its got tyrosine, glutamine and glycine... and also i've been taking tryptophan at nights... Iv'e been trying to get alot of shit done the past two weeks and end up fatigued before I start... yesterday and today I got some things I was hung up on completed and feels much better.. but I also ended up pumping out a few hundred gallons of rainwater out by mistake :BANGHEAD2:

a week ago the title of this thread would have given me some anxiety.. im skipping past all the green drug pages too

but the orange pages look pretty interesting B) I already had no choice on the caffeine reduction half a joe gets me

pretty wired

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If you're not keen on the drug options find a good psychologist specialising in CBT. Doping with herbs and aminos is realisticallty no different from taking meds to approach your issue - there is underlying behaviour that needs to be addressed, and anything but fixing that is a bandaid.

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I'd have to win a lawsuit before I can afford a psycho my a.d.d has been around since my skool daze and to me its more of an ally than a disorder... the anxiety however came from a major life change moving from fairly successfully self employed to trying to work in the american job environment and well that shits terrorizing, more so when you actually do your best, bring some decent or even excellent numbers to the table, and still get treated like a paper shuffle... I went from one situation where freedom was obvious to where the prevailing game was the game or corporate politics and nothing disgusted me more I am forever self employed.

quite frankly I have a phobia for psychotherapist due to being put in mental hospitals at a younger age and them using well dressed thugs to force anti depressants down my throat and watching them put shots in peoples asses.. yeah doctor uniforms is propably at the root of my disgust... My mother finally sided with me because the pills made me like a zombie.. I wasn 't even very violent but they felt the need to make me like that... it was a struggle but they stopped giving me that.. being in a place I couldn't escape from was enough to make me re make some decisions... I broke a clock once right before discharge and they used it as an excuse to keep me for a couple more months... It took maturity before I realized how absurd that was... it broke when I threw it in the trash and thats where my trust for doctors went as well.

aminos are suprisingly effective when it comes to short bouts, and I've dramatically changed my diet in the past 2 years I don't eat HFCS I don't eat GMOs.. the other day I took a half a bite of some store bought potato salad before realizing it had some bullshit in it... and well over a long period things have been much better even the a.d.d.. I don't even eat foods with dyes , blue lake, red40 etc due to links to a.d.d.. and well im quite happy with that plan ... just that lately i've had a new bout with anxiety ... probably most related to quitting weed tho, and also im just very intersted in world tensions but also feel overwhelmed by

the move towards violence in the world.... The fact is here that doctors don't really talk to patients anymore. Never do you hear good doctors addressing the real cause they are more often selling the bandaids, that is what is most profitable... keep in mind this, that here in america we make up 5% of the world population and yet as a nation we consume about 50% of the prescription medications... this is absurd. It has only inspired me to move towards a preventative lifestyle in my maturity... @ giving my body

all the nutrients needed to do all it can do... but sure Im not against all doctors, and I know most mean well, or at least start out that way.. My sis worked for a doctor and would brag about all the free meals they would get from the pill reps.. which is effective at getting them to push those particular pills.. its nasty and I watched that same tactic become regulated heavily with the title

insurance business when I was selling and well it dramatically changed the corruption.. befoer that there were companies that

were leasing cars and office space for realtors that sold ALOT.... and of course what product would they push? and so why

would I trust doctors, who actually don't practice medicine.. they read alot, memorize alot of shit and sell sell sell and then years

later we hear about the product recalls.

ah well... if I had all the money in the world maybe i'd consider CBT... Aminos & Rhodiola to me is quite different and much more of a natural path than trusting american doctors who are effectively drug dealers. I've seen alot of ppl , who perhaps destroyed their own lives with poor diets and lots of other bullshit, but end their lives on multiple prescriptions and spend their final years in a state of depression... doctors here are anxious to prescribe anti depressants and anti biotics, particularly in the psychology field, and well, im not anti anything... I am pro preventative lifestyle, and I may just have to live with the fact that my choices might require me dealing with anxiety from time to time and while it is pretty horrible its not near as bad as it was a few years ago when I first experienced it... took me to the brink of suicide before I realized the true value of life. I really had no problem destroying them

before that harsh experience.

for me the bottom line is being happy with who I am , loving myself, expressed by my habits and my diet and not necessarily leaving a legacy behind but being able to look back and know that my choices were worth it and made a difference in the world, even if on a tiny scale that would be fulfilling enough ... I don't wish anxiety on ANYONE or PTSD or any of that debilitating shit... I remember years before I would joke about anxiety when I was selling properties... then when I really got hit, it put things into perspective and so now I respect ppl when they make that face cause I know how hard it can be.. its just sad how awfully crude people can be to each other about mere opinions especially in the big ass ideological state of fucking Texas. Of course everyone starts out with a front its really hard to know who is tuning in to which propaganda station

there are healthy ways to deal with it but I think being wreckless in the diet and playing around with the more addictive types of drugs can really complicate things and was perhaps the root of my habitual lifestyle that I have all but killed.. and the most effective factor was eliminating friends who encourage wreckless and hateful lifestyles.. there was a "hump" of emotions but saying NO to ppl has never been easier for me... all I ever did was weed and drinking and I've quit. tried a few other things but never more than once or twice... One thing im SURE I will do again is SHROOMS cause that shit is really effective for depresssion, better than any pill but probably only if I ever experience major depression again... im sure that can be used inappropriately too (no shit right).. I did it once and for me that was better than any prescription.. I went from doing nothing but sulking in pain for months to almost immediatly starting to work on my huge garden, given i was lucky to be able to play on someone elses property.. the Shrooms was divine for me, especially the way it fell into my lap, cause I wasn't necessarily looking for it though I did read about the potential benefits of taking them around the same time I stumbled across that little baggy...

whatever it was, in my youth , they ended up diagnosing me with a "chemical imbalance" and proceeded to rape my parents insurance company for hundreds to thousands of dollars per day, for months at a time in at least one case... I was raised on a poor diet, in a hateful selfish environment, and I made the best of it, and will continue to do that, with or without anxiety ...

thanks fore the recommendation tho! lol Typing this up with alot like talking to a good psycho, but WAYYYYYY cheaper...


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