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brevipalpus infestation - false spider mite

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so a forum search for brevipalpus turned no results so hopefully this is helpful for others also in the future.

if anyone can offer tips for wiping these guys out or confirm the ID it would be appreciated.

they are not spider mites and I have already released phytoseiulus persimilis into the nursery with no effect.

I have another general predatory mite on the way which may or may not help.

once I've finished doing h2o2 flushes for fungus gnat larvae I can find out!

aaargh pests are ruining my life! in a not depressing but comedic tragedy kind if way.


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I have no idea about this particular pest, but I have had success getting rid of thrips with a mixture of diatomaceous earth and sulfur applied with a puffer contraption like this: gsd650a.jpg

They can be a bit tricky to get just a fine dusting, and not a thick blast of powder, but are pretty simple to operate with a bit of practice.

There is not a specific ratio I use, but generally significantly more DE than sulfur.

I don't know the optimal length of time to leave the dust, but it is easily rinsed off with water.

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