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Ayahuasca Artwork in Eden Project

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Hey folks - long time no see. :) I have been very busy, and so not had much time for posting here (in fact I'm supposed to be at work right now). I've still been learning about plants as much as I can, although more native plants and useful plants.
Here are some photos I thought you might enjoy of the wall paintings at the Eden Project (http://www.edenproject.com/) - drawn by two visiting curanderos.
I hope everyone is well!

Wall paintings summary

The Origin of Ayahuasca and Chacruna

Spiritual Purification

The Spirit of

Winds of the Shacapa

The Spirit Woman of Ajo Sacha

Birth of the Spirits

Dance of the Spirits

Dance of the Leaves

Spirit Woman of the Toé

Happy Brug

The Spiritual Birth

Spirit Woman of Machacuy Huasca

Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

The Spirit of the Grandfather Trees

Kind regards,
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