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Wanted to Buy Trichocereus Cuttings

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Hey all,

I was looking at buying a few advanced cuttings from the growers here, I would prefer to make payments via PayPal but bank transfer can be arranged. I am looking to buy a 30cm trichocereus scopulicola a 30cm trichocereus Brigessii and last but not least a 30cm trichocereus Pachanoi. If possible can pictures of the plants on offer get posted here and i we can discuss pricing :innocent_n:

:wub: Thank you :wub:

*edit* found some cheap cacti on ebay

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I have plants in plants seed sale thread

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I love it when you're blessed with a flowering pachanoi,

it's so rare and not all of them bloom. A really random

and strange thing as there is no way to know if or when

they'll bloom - it's really cool!





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