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Hello, hello.

I have a bunch of seeds that are lying around and since the Free Trade Thread seems to be no more, I have no room for these and there is no need for them to possibly lose their viability.

I would like to trade but some of the chilli's I am unsure of viability as they're are not from this grow season so some will go away for nothing. Just wanting to share the bits and pieces back to the community. So I have already bagged up the seeds and most have between ~15-30 seeds. Some more, some less.

Anywho, here's the list.


- 1x Naga Morich.. ~20 seeds each.

- 1x Explosive Ember.. ~15 seeds.

- 1x Rainbow.. ~20 seeds.

- 1x Ebony Fire.. ~20 seeds.

- 1x Inferno.. ~20 seeds.

- 1x Sweet Temptation.. ~15 seeds.

- 2x Birds Eye.. ~20 seeds each.

-2x Naga PC-1..~20 seeds each.

-2x Long Red.. ~20 seeds each. (Much like the semi-mild one at the grocery store for a ridiculous price)


1x Trichocereus Terschekii.. ~25 seeds.

1x Trichocereus Pachanoi.. ~25 seeds.

1x Mimosa Hostilis & HWBW.. ~minimal seeds available, so will combine the two as one baggie.

1x Leonotis Nepetifolia.. ~30 seeds.

4x Rivea Corymbosa.. ~25 seeds each.

4x Verbsacum Thapsus.. ~Lots of seeds

3x Pereskiopsis (Un rooted cuttings).. ~I could have done four packs but thought I would jam pack three so there is a fair bit for a beginner or replenishing some root stock

*All Seed

I haven't overly thought this through or what I would like in return to be honest, lol. Maybe just make an offer or something I guess.

If they don't go swiftly I will have to plant them at a relatives who don't care for plants.

Anyway, we'll see what happens here :)

Talk soon

Edited for what is/isn't available.

Edited by Schrodinger's Khat

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I'd love a pack of the Naga Morich! I'll see what I have at home tonight :)

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Oh! I have been looking for some Pereskiopsis to begin my grafting experiments :)

I would love a pack of the Pereskiopsis cuttings if I may? And a pack of Rivea Corymbosa if twos not pushing it.


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