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The Corroboree

Seed Giveaway (cacti & more)

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Thanks for this great giveaway Hooka, I'm just crushed I didn't win! :(

Woah dude! I guess I doubled on luck here. Huge thanks hookahhead for the awesome giveaway and congrats to all the winners! Also there shall be many pictures :)

You have a lot of responsibility on your hands now Senor, what with all the people who were dreaming of germing the JG x K seeds you've won! ;-)

Make sure to show us pics when they grow up a little!

[edit] - didn't see you'd already said you'd post pics.....

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Sorry I didn't get a chance to get the seeds out before my trip, however I'll have them out in the next day or two :) I'll update again when they go out.

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