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"Saved by an Angel"

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Ok, firstly I hate mornings, the fact I'm awake this early has a lot to do with the fact "they" have been goading my mind to tell a "nice" story for days now. So here goes;

Its about those freaky times when an individuals life has been "saved by an unseen Angel".

Yawn worthy stuff to many regardless of what time it is, however many seem to like these types of stories for the sense of hope they give.

Guys normally look at me with suspended disbelief like I'm trying to chat up all the girls in the room, while the girls go "ahhh!" :wub:

Every word in these stories are true accounts from my life.

"They" have "intervened" in my life on a number of occasions without any need for prayer or requests from "God" or the "heavenly host" or whatever you choose to believe or dis-believe. It makes little difference to me, I wont argue semantics with anyone about it.

Here are two of the "nicer" accounts that have occurred:

Late one night, I was traveling home from my mothers in Mt Gravatt in Brisbane, heading North on the Gateway motorway travelling at 100 km/h in my Hyundai on an empty Motorway.

I had ended up in the right hand lane to overtake a car but hadn't seen a car for a while, and just kept going in that lane.

All of a sudden, I had the feeling I was in the "wrong lane"

The words; "You should change lanes" entered my head.

I saw no real reason for this, the road was empty!

I conceded with myself the "keep left unless overtaking" rule and duly changed into the left lane.

Only a moment or two had passed when in the blackness ahead on a gentle curve I saw on the left hand side the lights of a stationary semi-trailer suddenly switched on!


It was only meters ahead on me!

Had I made the wrong choice? My brain scrambled to comprehend what was about to happen.

The semi-trailer that had just switched its trailer lights on was parked on the left hand road shoulder, much to my relief!

As I began to pass it, I then saw that in the right hand lane another semi-trailer had jack knifed in the right had lane.

No lights, no warning, and certainly no chance of me even considering ANY evasive action.

So stunned by this I kept driving, missing my exit and continuing over the Gateway bridge toll booth (they had people in them back then)

Shaking I mentioned to the person in the booth the cut down version of this story, "THERE'S A TRUCK JACK KNIFED ON THE MOTORWAY!!"

It took me a little while to work out how to exit and return Southbound, but by the time I had, the toll booth attendant on the return was telling me about the truck.

"Yeah! I know!" I smiled still in disbelief how close I came to a fatality.

The next story was only @ 5 years ago.

I had taken a new twist in life and was studying at a Tafe on the other side of the city.

Between the hour long journey each way and the mental cramming for assignments and trying to supplement my income I had been burning the candle at both ends.

I was on the way home one warm Brisbane afternoon driving in the middle lane of busy city traffic when I began to nod-off.

My right hand dropped with the wheel as my eyes closed momentarily and head began to sink.

All of a sudden I felt my right hand "pushed" up again!

I snapped back awake with adrenalin racing realising I was driving a car in the middle lane of three packed lanes of city traffic that would of ripped my little plastic car to pieces if I had of swerved any further!

Angels have all ways surrounded me. Possibly more so to protect everyone else from a menace like me!


Have you ever felt "saved by an Angel"?


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Your obviously a good kid. The weak link to the story however is your driving. If you were more aware of road conditions and didn't drive tired then the angels wouldn't be required. In my early 20's I was a hoon. Probably had 10 near death experiences, then after something happened I decided I didn't want to die in a car crash. Since then mayby 15 or twenty years has passed and I drive with care and consideration, have had no fines or even been pulled over by a cop. No insurance claims or scratches per se. Do I believe that angels saved me 10 times in my youth and have deserted me now or instead do I believe in common sense. I'll leave the answer up to you.

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Silly man!

Nothing is obvious!

Neither good nor bad just 'I am'!

People perceive good and bad as a result of their own personal emotional reflections.

There is no "weak link to the story" :rolleyes: It is what it is, a story from my life.

Yes I was tired in the second account, but in the first account there was no driver error involved.

I was traveling at the speed limit, I was awake and aware.

The truck had jack-knifed only moments before, losing it's lights in the process.

The other truck that had pulled over to assist the first truck had only just arrived and was turning on its lights to indicate a hazard as I approached it.

Coming around a curve no one would have seen it.

There was no "hooning" involved. Did I mention I drive a Hyundai Accent? :lol::rolleyes:

A near death experience when some one "hoon's" dosn't equate to being saved by an Angel in my book, more like pushing your luck!

The "something" that happened, on the other hand, perhaps that was an Angel telling you to be more considerate of the danger you posed to others.

Angels never ever desert anyone!

They stand back and allow you free will to believe any B/S you like!

If you want their help you have to ask!

The only time they are permitted to interfere is if some one is likely to die before their purpose is achieved.

I do believe there is certainly a lack of common sense in anyone that thinks Angels will pull them out of danger if they risk their life and every other road users life by hooning.

For many people their only purpose in life is to serve as an example of how not to be!

The Angels will step aside and allow those people to meet their end.

Regret plants are more useful than apathy seeds..

(Is that another segway Mikey? O I do believe so! I better get to it!)


BTW everyone mistakes me for a "kid"!

Very flattering but in truth I'm much older than I appear...


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Many times I have been saved, by angels? I do not know. I would have put it down to good old intuition.

That voice in my head is my own as far as I can tell. When I ignored that voice it would always lead to the accident.

What is that voice? Where does it come from? Why is it always right?.

Were you driving on mental autopilot when the voice came on Mikey?

Autopilot seems to be conducive with allowing a deeper connection to the subconscious mind and it's wealth of information.


Last month I found myself in a cattle yard with a rogue bull, I had forgotten he was there and was confidently going about my business when the voice came in and said "Run" I stopped momentarily to question it and then saw the bull 3m away start a full blown charge at me. I thought I was about to die and run I did, but everything was in slow motion and I felt like I was running on the spot, I must have been running with all my might as i hit the ricketty, timber rails and jumped as quick as I could to the top rail. Just as I had made the fence the bull launched at the rails just 10cm beside me and did a full body slam of the top rail ( top rail 2m high). 10cm is all I had left between me today and me in a wheelchair.

I have hundreds of these types of stories and find them fascinating, but can not understand why I still question the validity of the voice that keeps saving me. I am glad the voice saves you too Mikey for your story's are worthy of ears. Cheers!


He looks like I felt but with a much smaller beast.

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there's these waterfalls in a camping spot called murrindindi? ...anyways, we went camping there once and me and the gf at the time decide lets take the dogs for a walk. Yep, lets, i say. me being a really slack bushwalker but at the same time lover of nature sooo much was keen.

I had a german shepard named ******** and she had a doberman called buddy.

we went hiking up to the water falls and as you could imagine it's pretty sliperry jack up there fuckn.

so anyway, next thing i know is that my bitch has slipped down into the vortex of the swirl as is now being carried to who knows where. She disapperar around the corner and down the rocks and we followed suit. About 20 metres down we find her wedged under a tree branch that over looks a sheer cliff face into a pool of mist and water. anyways, at that point i see a 'thing/blobby thing' around my dog and hovering over. this to me was go, look....grab her.

I some how with one hand grabbed my shep and with the other hand snapped of this tree branch/limb. i yanked her out and threw her on the bank to the left.

that 'angel' (sic has many interpretations) is what gave me the strength to not fear and go in there. Later over a appfel shisha i truly realised how close to death i potentially was.

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I felt my father die he was very sick and said go to school but i did not want to .At about 11 am I felt this power such a spiritual power

i knew it was him . As i went home i kinda knew what was waiting for me but nothing can prepare you for seeing a family member dead.

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