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The Corroboree
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Happy pancake(=shrove=shrive=confess)day everyone!

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I am the truth, incarnate.

Here for all to hear!

You can choose deceptive views,

and be sure I wont interfere.

Should you wish to consider, a banquet for your soul,

knock and start me talking,

but first fill with green my bowl!

<<< :lol:

I'm pretty sure even the Spanish Inquisition wouldn't have expected that many twists of words!

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hmmm, dosa

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I'd love to fill your bowl my friend but things have been too dry, so here's some soft words for your heart to rest against the lie.


I am Water

Constantly moving and renewing,

Knowing no boundaries and nourishing all in my path.

Wearing away at all that stands between me and my source.

I am free and this is my course.

I am Air

Willing to change directions

And make the most of opportunity.

I am strong in my movements and calm in my stillness.

A breath of life to all who request it.

I am Fire

Fed the right fuels my passions consume

the darkness with love and light.

I take off with the old so to let in the new

I give you an option to cook up a stew.

I am Earth

Endless cycles of growth, death and rebirth.

Supporting selflessly those who depend on me.

Maintaining my equilibrium in this fast spinning world,

I am ancestors blood and little girls curls.

I am the Sun

Shining light and warmth

To those who choose to see me.

Ever present yet not always there.

I reflect the love that we share.

I am a Rock

Separate from my source yet still the source.

Ancient in my knowledge and stable in my beliefs,

Watching, waiting, patiently,

I know no grief.

I am a Tree

With strong roots and sturdy branches.

Always growing towards the light,

My fruits are enjoyed by all who choose,

I the tree can never loose.

I am an animal

Needing love and attention,

Playful and unconditionally loving.

I stand tall and take what I am given.

I might be small but I am still living.


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