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Cloning Service

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Hi, I've recently become a registered sole trader and in support of the community who helped supply me with much needed cultures, I'd like to return the favor. This offer is aimed at amateur mycologists or those interested in mycology without higher end equipment.

The Offer:

I'd like to offer a cloning (or isolation) service to anyone looking to put a species onto agar. I'll get this out of the way first, this offer is applicable only for species legal to possess live. If you have spores or a wild specimen that you'd like to get onto agar, or need a clone or isolation of an existing culture, PM me or contact me via email at [email protected]

What I ask for the service is that shipping costs be covered by the purchaser and $12.00 to cover the cost of materials for the clone.

I remember exactly what it was like to have to make do for equipment, and while it worked well in some situations, there's often something that just doesn't go correctly. While mycology was hobby for me, I was confined to a small glove box working with makeshift conditions that often ended in contaminations :). A few of thousand dollars later, and I've got a sterile, comfortable workplace.

The setback of contamination was always a drain on the fun of the hobby for me, especially when it came down to hoping that I didn't stir up too much air in the glovebox, or when attempting to do anything with liquids at all in a small glove box. I want others to be able to enjoy mycology as much as I do, and having a live culture gives much more power when inoculating then trying to start from spores that are hopefully sterile.

Kind Regards,


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