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The Corroboree
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Guest cultivator22


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Guest cultivator22

As you probably know I am new around here~ Glad I found it. Quick questions concewrning the big p

1) What is the best strain?

considering yeild and ease of growth

2) Can cuttings be purchased as opposed to buying seeds?

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Guest reville

The caespitosa variety produces many offshoots and looks best if you want a stock plant to give you heads for grafting - they seem to proliferate so much though that none reaches any great size.

I prefer the regular variety for appearances

there are others but these are not widely available.

If you want any plant not listed here i can recommend the plant finder published by florlegium each year - a catalogue ona species by species basis giving nurseries that stock them

Hey torsten do you want to be listed or would you prefer low key?

Fruit spirit is in there by the way

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