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Originally posted by Torsten:

yes, it will also drastically reduce her consumption, as the amount she takes will be come much more efficient. speed also releases dopamine, so tyrosine should also be given.

Tyrosine worked a treat on her last weekend. I gave some to her in the morning and then later on during the day and it worked wonders. How soon before taking the speed should the Phenyl be consumed? Would it also be a good idea to take some Tyrosine before the speed? It's something she does every few weeks so I wanna make sure she does it right smile.gif

however, from what I know about you I presume your depression is mostly dopamine related anyway

I have been taking SAMe and St Johns Wort 3 times daily for close to a fortnight now and have noticed a DEFINATE increase in happiness. Which is a big difference from the astronomical depression I was feeling a week ago. I was a little hesitant to start taking my Tyrosine tablets but what would be a good daily dose. They are 1000mg tablets and I was thinking about taking one every morning. Also when will you be opening up you General Practice office. Im looking forward to being examined with that chilly stethoscope wink.gif


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Originally posted by Brett:

The educational standards of naturopaths are really low generally.

i've noticed this too when i've talked to some. I went into a herb shop a while ago and asked if they had any brahmi and the lady brought over gotu kola and told me it was brahmi. when i told her what it was and that they are too different things she told me that a naturopath who works at the shop had told her it was brahmi and basically that he was right and i was wrong.

This is pretty much true of all "health care professionals" in general - doctors, pharmacists etc

One thing that remains true is the pursuit of the dollar. Go into a pharmacy & there is a plethora of ranges of vitamins, herbs & crap. Try to find some proper info about a compound apart from it costing $19.95 from the staff & you are doing well.

To find a doctor who not only agrees with & also understands the interelation between "natural products" & pharmaceutical drugs is to almost discover a medicinal nirvana.

For example Hypericum & anti-depressants - It's not that difficult.

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