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'Ayahuasca' germination advice

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Hi everyone!

I'm attempting to germinate some seeds. All seeds came from a local source, though I'm not sure where they originated before that. Also not sure on age/freshness/viability. Planning on trying a few methods, as I'm pretty keen to get some of these lil guys growing.

Seeds I'm looking at germinating:

Banisteriopsis Caapi

Banisteriopsis Muricata

Alicia Anisopetala

White Ayahausca (not caapi - species unknown)

I'm only been able to find information on Caapi germination, so most of what I've mentioned below is based on such.

Current plan for all seeds:

  • Soil - 75% potting mix with 25% perlite. Layer of live sphagnum moss on top. Read on SAB that sphagnum was great for caapi germination (anti fungal and anti bacterial properties). Seeds planted in soil, with sphagnum placed on top. Should the seeds be planted in the sphagnum as opposed to the soil?
  • Hydration - Soil moistened with distilled water (I read somewhere distilled is more effective for seed germination than tap water)
  • Humidity - storage container with holes (covered with micropore tape) drilled at soil level for FAE.
  • Location - inside the house - temps ranging from 21 - 29 degrees
  • Lighting - CFL 6500k day light. Wattage and lumens unknown at present. I don't believe this is to important for the initial germination phase though.
  • 'Pots' - Disposable foam cups. Cheap and effective :)
  • Orientation - For Caapi and Muricata the wing will be facing up. For Alicia the "butterfly's" will be facing up, but also trimmed to shorten (aim is to decrease soil resistance and conserve plants energy). For White Aya, the "stem" part will be facing up.

Potential variables for seeds:

  • Constant bottom heat - Should I use a heating mat? Normal temps will be ranging from 21 - 29 degrees. I believe the heating mat i have (no thermostat) claimed to be able to raise heat by 10 degrees. It's a cheap e-bay mat. Not sure on how much an increase it would cause. Wattage unknown.
  • GA3 - I've read 350 - 500ppm, and 650 - 700ppm. Never used this stuff before. Will using the higher range 650-700ppm have any negative effects? Can you use too much of this stuff? Is it safer to stick the lower range 350-500ppm?

Just hoping for advice on potential concerns you may see with my proposed plan, and would like to hear your thoughts on the proposed potential variables.

All advice that may improve the chances of success is welcome :)


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You forgot to mention seed orientation. It sounds like your researching planting caapi seeds, so I am sure you have seen the pics with the wing sticking out of the soil.

I thought the sphagnum moss was good to strike caapi cuttings, but wasn't aware that you can germ' caapi seeds in it hey?

I tried to get 4 caapi seeds to grow some time back, but nothing came of them, they just rotted. I have no idea how old they were though.

Anyways, good luck Justler.

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Thanks Amazonian, I've just added orientation. Wing will be facing up for the Caapi seeds. I'll have a look for the thread that mentions Sphagnum moss later and link it.

Is rot generally the result to much hydration over a long period of time? Would the same level of hydration germinate fresh seed, but cause rot on less viable seed?

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Thanks Amazonian, I've just added orientation. Wing will be facing up for the Caapi seeds.

super content, same as for Catha edulis seeds!

wing facing upwards, is the best polarisation.

with hemp seeds, it's annulus facing upwards, annulus is the tiny ring/dot you can see, inspecting a cannabis seed...

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I look at how the seed falls as to how I think it should be planted. The Banisteriopsis and other winged seeds fall in like a spiral motion, and nose dive into the substrate ...well sorta, so that's how I plant that type of seeds, with the wing sticking up out of the substrate. Of course they don't all fall perfectly in nature, and still germ' on the side.

I am pretty sure my seeds rotted because they were no longer viable. The soil I used was moist-ish , but it was like a month and there was no sign of any germination...they just rotted hey.

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You should only use the recommended dosage for any plant growth regulator i.e. GA3, IAA, BAP. 2-4-D

For example; 2-4-D is a synthetic auxin that is used as a broad leaf herbicide in high concentrations, but when auxin is used in lower concentrations as produced by plants it is a root stimulant, i.e. striking powder for cuttings.

Maybe try a concentration gradiant to see what works best?


cornilius maximus

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